Ladies Who Brunch

My favorite photo from this week is a selfie I snapped on Wednesday, after brunch with Emily and Belle.


Emily is one of those friends with whom I always feel comfortable, no matter how long it’s been since we last hung out. This week, I introduced Emily to my new favorite brunch spot, First Watch, where we admired the rustic chic decor and caught up with each other while we scarfed down our food (I tried the lemon ricotta pancakes this time and LET ME TELL YOU they were the kind of delicious you dream about the next night).

Belle is almost two, and I must confess in the last two years, I’ve spent  many hours that I was meant to be catching up with Emily, playing with Belle instead. The kid is adorable not just in looks, but also her personality – she’s really into sharing right now (toys, food, crayons, jokes); her sense of humor is growing and the look she gets on her face when she thinks something she’s doing is funny is just the cutest.

I’m grateful for the friendship of Emily and her little Belle. I always feel more cheerful after spending time with these two.

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