Heads up – I started this post on my computer, but I’m having to finish it up on my phone with the WordPress app, so forgive me if its kinda rambly or grammar-deficient.

I can’t decide what theme to blog about on Sundays! I’ve got a couple pretty good ideas, but I can’t narrow it down for fear of choosing poorly. I think it’s the fear that I’ll feel too caged in by whatever category I choose for this day of the week.

I realize this is a silly thing to stress out about. I need to step back and give myself some perspective. Literally no one cares except me, haha. I’ve only been blogging for four days..  it’s okay if I haven’t quite nailed down the direction or created an about me page or figured out who my “target audience” is going to be!

Here are the categories I’m trying to decide between:

Storytime Sunday

This is what Kirby is doing, and I’m really excited to read her stories each week. But here’s the truth: I’m not very good at telling stories. I never have been. Even Josh acknowledged this when I asked him about it, haha. On the one hand, telling a story every week would be a good way to practice and get better (in theory). On the other hand, I can literally only think of three stories I might want to tell on this blog. I’m just not a storyteller!

Supper Sunday

(I’d like a better title if I can think of one) Each Sunday I’d share a recipe I came up with, or someone else’s recipe that I tried that week, or, heck, even just a picture of a yummy meal I had. Pros: recipe posts drive traffic; I like styling photos of food; pictures of meals would be easy on weeks I’ve got too much going on to do a full recipe post. Cons: developing recipes and taking good photos take a lot of time; they’re not my favorite posts to write. also what if I get to Sunday and I wish I could talk about something besides food?

Rotating Monthlies

Obviously, I’d need a better title but the idea would be that I’d have four or five “monthly” posts I do, rotating between them each week. Like: book reviews, recipes, stories, stream-of-consciousness, maybe a youtube video or q&a..

The more I think about it, the more I like that third idea. Any ideas for a category title, friends? If I can’t come up with anything good I’ll just break the alliteration trend and call it what it is.

3 thoughts on “Sunday?

  1. I like your monthly idea, maybe you could just come up with a new idea each month, based on whatever you happen to be interested in currently. It doesn’t have to rotate. If you’re on a reading kick, then every Sunday in February you’ll review a new book. If you’re on a crafting kick then every Sunday in March you’ll show off some hand lettering you’ve done. Just an idea! Love your blog but YOU’RE GOING DOWN.

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