Post-Christmas Clutterbuster

Each Monday, I’ll share my goals for the week. This week, I want to tackle the post-Christmas clutter in my house.

dead wreath1. Take down all Christmas decorations, put back in storage

I’ve been mentally and emotionally ready to pack up the Christmas stuff for a while, but I’ve been putting it off because, well, physically, I’m not so enthusiastic. Ha. This goal includes putting my poor Christmas wreath out of it’s misery (especially since it’s even more pathetic than when I took this picture, yet it’s still hanging out on the front door). I’m planning to burn it outside.. fingers crossed it won’t explode or leave a mess of sap in the bottom of our metal fire pit.

2. Get the house back in order

With the craziness of Christmas and New Years, being out of town, catching up with work, and both of us feeling under the weather, the house is just a wreck. I find that if I let clutter build up for too long, both Josh and I are a little on edge – it’s hard to focus when your environment is in disarray! I caught myself yesterday feeling overwhelmed by the clutter; at a loss about where to even start. That’s a sure sign that all I need to do is just start.

3 thoughts on “Post-Christmas Clutterbuster

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  2. Hope this worked well for you, Kelli! We still have our Xmas stuff in boxes waiting to be put back in the attic. Were you able to get the clutter busted? 🙂


  3. That’s such a beautiful image at the end of the post. I’m definitely printing it to put on my desk – I need to constantly remind myself to begin tasks instead of feeling overwhelmed and paralysed by them.


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