Three Popular Superpowers, Ranked 

  1. Flight – The ability to get anywhere quickly and unhindered makes this the best of these three, for me. OH MAN I just had a hilarious thought though. What if you could fly, but only suuuuper slow. Is there still an appeal there? If we take away speed, the only appeal left for me would be getting to see sunsets/sunrises from above the clouds. You could still do that, it would just take you longer to get up there.
  2. Super strength – It’s kind of overdone in tv and film, so I think we tend to think of this one as boring. But if we’re being practical, this ability would be super helpful. Especially in emergencies, like if someone’s trapped under rubble or in a wrecked car or something. In your non-rescuing down time, you could be helpful on building sites.
  3. Invisibility – This one is kind of creepy, isn’t it? Presumably, the biggest benefit of being invisible would be so you could spy on people without them knowing they were being watched. As an introvert who values her time alone, the thought of an unknown lurker hanging around makes me feel uneasy.

3 thoughts on “Three Popular Superpowers, Ranked 

  1. Pretty sure my superpower is invisibility. I just haven’t learned to fully control it yet, because I find myself jumping because my coworkers jump when they are taken by surprise with my presence. They never seem to see or hear me coming. It’s kind of amusing how many times I accidentally scare folks.


  2. Whooaaa, flying without speed….hmmm…yeah, that gets kinda eh, doesn’t it? I would have to say that’s my fave too. Even though putting on the Invisibility Cloak from H.P. would be pretty cool.


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