Heavy the Big Red Dog

My favorite picture I took this week was taken at my in-law’s house with their Vizsla, Heavy, resting his head in my lap. This bewildered, mildly annoyed look on his face is so typical of Heavy & I think it’s so funny.

Heavy is the neediest dog I’ve ever met. He is literally huge, but he just has to sit on whomever is using the couch. If you stop paying sufficient attention to him, he gets a particular look on his face that we call the Elvis snarl, or he barks so loudly that everyone in the room winces. He’s impossible to ignore, and because of that he’s got this air of entitlement about him – he’s used to eventually getting the attention he wants, even though it’s usually just to shut him up. It’s hilarious to experience for just a couple hours once a week or so, and I do have a genuine affection for him (he’s really very sweet when he’s not being demanding), but I don’t think I could handle him 24/7, haha. God bless my mom-in-law & her heart for animals.

2 thoughts on “Heavy the Big Red Dog

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