My Mediocre Sarah Koenig Impression 


If you found this by googling “Sarah Keonig Impressions,” then you’re probably gonna be disappointed by mine, and this parody definitely won’t make any sense to you, haha. On the flip side, if you’re a Blimey Cow fan and you haven’t listened to Serial, you’ll be confused about the plot & style, but you’ll recognize the characters!

Our bi-weekly Blimey Cow Podcast has been MIA for a few months (whoops!), but Josh had the great idea to bring it back with a parody of Serial. We’ve both been listening through season 1 for the last few weeks, in preparation to impersonate not only Sarah Koenig, but also the overall tone and style of the podcast. I’m actually pretty pleased with my “mediocre” impression of SK, but at the same time I do recognize that it’s not gonna win me any contests, haha.

This was a really fun project! I always forget how much I enjoy podcasting and audio until I’ve got a mic in front of me again. Honestly, doing this parody is just what I needed to get me excited about starting the BC podcast again (because, while the podcast has been MIA for about three months, I’ve been MIA from the podcast for much longer – it’s been just the guys for a while). So, I’m glad we did it. I’m proud of the finished product! I thought Jordan’s Adnan impression was perfect, and Josh did an awesome job with the editing – he really nailed the “feel” of Serial. Listen on iTunes or right here:

4 thoughts on “My Mediocre Sarah Koenig Impression 

  1. I did not find it mediocre-I found it AMAZING! That was probably some of the best acting you’ve ever done, and I love all that you do! Thanks for a great podcast! Awesome JobJordan and Josh as well! And I think we all already knew Jordan killed the podcast. 😉

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  2. I’m not sure mediocre is the right word.. I had been listening to Serial before yours came out (which was actually just a coincidence) and for a few seconds in there I wasn’t sure if I had accidentally started Serial again! Then you mentioned Blimey Cow, so I didn’t have to check. That’s more than mediocre, in my opinion.

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  3. I agree with all of the above! It was so well done from every angle, your voice was wonderful. Love love love it. It’s gotten me excited to see what you guys come out with next!


  4. It was in no way mediocre.:) I loved your impression and I was so excited to hear your voice on the podcast! I hope you continue to stay on it.:)


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