Tech Life Overhaul

Last week’s goals: B+

Take down all Christmas decorations, put back in storage: A-

This happened, but I didn’t get around to burning that wreath. I’ll save it for a date night by the fire or something.

Get the house back in order: B

This happened in the main areas of the house, but I didn’t really make it to the back rooms. I can’t give myself too much credit for what got done anyway, since Josh helped a lot one afternoon before we had some guests over.

This week, I want to focus on organizing my tech life.

1. Organize files on my laptop and restart it from scratch

My laptop has been moving really slowly lately, so I need to go through and delete a bunch of stuff I’ll never need again, and organize what I want to keep. After that’s done, I’ll put everything on an external hard drive, wipe my computer and reinstall the OS system.

2. Organize phone

Pretty much the same as with my laptop: delete pictures, videos, podcasts, & apps I don’t want or use anymore, back up my phone, and reset everything.

3. Finish setting up this blog

I need to AT LEAST write up an About Page. I’ve procrastinated because I don’t know what to say. I also need to decide if I’m gonna stick with “Currently Kelli” or switch it to “Kelli, Currently” because I keep almost changing it.. I need to just choose one so I don’t have to think about it anymore.

4. Social Media Cleanse

I’d like to go through my social media accounts and do an unfollowing spree all across the board. My current ‘following’ lists are just too much to keep track of, so I want to keep only the people/accounts that I actually care about.

2 thoughts on “Tech Life Overhaul

  1. Wooowww, this is convicting. In a normal way, not a spiritually convicting way, haha

    When you reinstall your OS on your computer, will it require you to update to the latest version? Maybe you don’t have a Mac, I was just assuming. I have been putting off updating because I’ve heard unsavory things about the latest Mac OS…

    Organizing photos on your phone and other social media cleanse stuff is such a good idea though. I applaud you!


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