BAM Sandwiches, etc

Things I’m currently digging

BAM sandwiches

BAM sandwiches were born because I wanted a BLT but I was out of tomatoes, and I only had an arugula-spinach mix. So: Bacon, Arugula, Mayonnaise. BAM! This sandwich is super yummy. I’ve also added red onion to this and then it becomes a BAMO! Which is fun to say. (sorry there is not a photo.. was planning to take one today but I’m out of all the ingredients except bacon.. ha.. and also I don’t feel well so no quick trip to publix for me)

MasterChef Junior

Yesterday I watched a bunch of MasterChef Junior while I went through the files on my computer. These kids are so talented and adorable! They simultaneously make me feel inadequate and inspire me to try new things in the kitchen. Also, I get super hungry while I’m watching cooking shows so I always end up taking a bunch of breaks to grab snacks, haha.

 Mandala Maker

The word “mandala” means “circle” in Sanskrit. While mandalas have a lot of significance in Indian culture & religion, the word has also come to represent a certain kind of art: complicated circle drawings with concentric designs. They’re pretty popular in adult coloring books right now. This app starts you out with a circle, then every stroke you make is repeated in a spiral or kaleidoscopic pattern. It is so much fun! Strangely relaxing, too. The best part is that it’s free! You can find it in the App Store by searching “mandalas free.”

Doctor Who socks

My mom-in-law gave me a 6-pack of Doctor Who themed socks and I’ve been wearing them every day. They’re super fun! (Again, no photos – not even quick iPhone snaps, because they’re all in the dirty clothes right now, whoops!)

You know what I am NOT currently digging? Winter. I’m legitimately grumpy about it today. I joked on twitter that I blame this morning’s snow for my headache/joint aches/stomach ache, and I’m still not convinced that it’s not the snow’s fault. Hopefully tomorrow I will feel better and I can wrangle myself into having a better attitude about the weather. Especially since I can’t do anything about it anyway!

4 thoughts on “BAM Sandwiches, etc

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  2. Loving this app! 😀 Here’s one I did: I’m not super adventurous yet (I need to do more little designs in the center for effect). But it’s great fun 🙂 Thanks for the recommendation. Do you have any idea where the photos go when you save them in the app? I have an Android so you may not be able to help me…but I can’t find them anywhere. Had to screenshot this and then crop it.


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