Three Things I Always Want When I’m Sick

  1. Sleep – I’m a huge believer in the power of sleep, so when I’m feeling poorly, I don’t mind sleeping the days away. I always feel better afterward.
  2. Orange gatorade – This is one of those nostalgia things – it’s what my parents gave my brothers and me when we were sick growing up. That sugary, artificial orange flavor is comforting. I don’t actually drink it very often bc of all the sugar. But I WANT it every time I start feeling under the weather.
  3. Protein –  I don’t eat a ton of meat in my everyday life, but when I’m sick, it’s what I usually want the most. Bacon, chicken strips, meatloaf.. it’s something different every time.

I’m feeling better than I was yesterday, but I’m not 100% yet. So I’m spending the day sleeping, drinking a little gatorade (for the comfort ;)), and sending Josh out to get me some chicken!

One thought on “Three Things I Always Want When I’m Sick

  1. Oh man! Sorry you were feeling unwell. Hope you are better now! Things I want when I’m sick: 1) Sleep, albeit I don’t make myself get it often enough! 2) A small personal fan blowing on me or at least nearby making white noise. 3) Hot tea. 4) Heating pad…if it’s a digestive sick. 😦


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