sNOw thanks

My favorite photo(s) this week are actually from this morning.


We’ve already established that I’m not a fan of snow, but even a grumpy winterphobe like me can’t deny that it’s beautiful. I’ve never really experienced such a powder-like snow before today! Usually it’s much icier and wetter (in my very limited experience, that is).

It was fun to stomp around with Josh and Lulu for a few minutes. Lulu entertained us by running and leaping and burying her nose in the snow. But those few minutes were plenty; I’m happy to stay inside & watch from the window with my blankets and hot tea until all the snow melts.

6 thoughts on “sNOw thanks

  1. I’m SNOW glad you’re blogging again! Haha, I’m a little envious too; I live in Northern California, and whenever it snows it’s one of those memorable things that people still talk about years after.

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  2. Snow!! I’m with you, pictures and brief moments in the snow are just right. More than that and you need to get back inside! Thanks for sharing these pics, they are lovely. No snow in Texas this winter yet! (no big surprise 😉 ) Lulu is presh.


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