Mandala Alphabet

On Wednesday, I mentioned the free mandala maker app I’ve been playing with. I started experimenting by drawing out different shapes, then writing out words in cursive, and from there I got the idea to write each letter of the alphabet. The results were so cool that I wanted to share.

When I tried to explain my process to Josh, he was kind of confused, so hopefully it makes sense.. I literally just drew out each of the capital letters with my finger, and the app spiraled them into these designs. I let the app randomize the colors, but I stuck with the “Spiral 8” design and the 2nd brush thickness so there was some sort of uniformity throughout.


I think my favorites are H and S. And obviously I had to see what my name looked like.. I kept out the second L for formatting reasons and also bc two of the same in a row looked boring. Feel free to spell out your own name too, I’d love to see!


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