Forgotten Gems

I’ve been going through all the photos on my computer as part of my tech life overhaul, and I found some forgotten gems y’all might be interested to see. (Ok, maybe the first two aren’t “forgotten” photos so much as they are just my sentimental favorites!)


The first photo ever taken of Josh and me, from a Bible Study in 2005


This is my favorite picture from our wedding, taken by my sis-in-law Amy with a disposable fish-eye camera. Why did we spend so much money on our mediocre wedding photographer again? (just kidding, kind of)

Blimey Cow Swing-7444

We needed a picture of the three of us for a poster, so we did this cheesy photoshoot with a tripod in Jordan’s backyard. We didn’t end up using any from that shoot because they were all a little too weird, haha


The first time I played “homeless Kelli” in a video. I remember that it took me forever to detangle my hair that night.



I don’t remember who made this fan art for us, but I love it!



I can’t believe my hair was ever this long


I can’t believe my hair was ever this short

Screen Shot 2012-07-02 at 1.30.00 AM

This is a screenshot from the bloopers of one of the very first Messy Mondays. Our faces are so perfect, hahaha.


4 thoughts on “Forgotten Gems

  1. These are so great!!

    The BC tire swing one. Had me looking up at my Kickstarter pic from you guys and go, “Same outfits?” Nope 🙂 And isn’t it weird to look at photos of yourself with long hair? It’s hard to ever think of getting back to that, short is just so low maintenance.

    Crazy tangles you got there!!

    Sorry for spamming you with comments, Kelli. Wanted to catch up and did so in a pretty obnoxious way, haha. Hopefully I’ll keep up with reading your blog more consistently so comments are more spread out over time. ^_^ Hope you are well! ❤


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