Full Wardrobe, Sans Narnia

Last week‘s goals: A

Organize files on my laptop and restart it from scratch: A-

Josh helped me reset my computer, and I went through almost all my files. The result is that my computer is running much faster and is much easier to navigate. I’m not completely organized, but at least I know what’s on here.

Organize phone: A


Finish setting up this blog: A

I’ve got an about me page. But I didn’t get it up before sharing the blog publicly, haha..whoops. Oh yeah, and I’m sticking with the name Currently Kelli so we snagged currentlykelli.com.

Social Media Cleanse: A

I unfollowed over 150 accounts on instagram, and about 50 on twitter. The Facebook pare-down will be more gradual (as I see posts I don’t care for, I’ll either hide, unlike, or unfriend). I’ve only been living with smaller following lists for a few days, but it already feels nicer and less overwhelming when I get on social media.

This week, I’m going to tackle my wardrobe. Our closets and drawers are close to bursting!


1. Go through closets &  drawers, get rid of clothes I don’t wear anymore

I have a lot of cute clothes that I never wear because either they fit weird, or they’re not my style anymore. There’s no reason those clothes shouldn’t go to someone who would wear them. Maybe I will do another instagram sale. Or maybe I’ll just donate them. Either way, they need to be out. Bonus points if I get Josh to go through his clothes too.

2. Reorganizing my nightstand

Ok, this isn’t exactly wardrobe related, except that my “nightstand” is actually just the top of my chest of drawers, and some of the clutter on there is actually clothing that I can’t fit in my drawers.

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