3 Things I Remember About the Night I Met Josh

IMG_0608Eleven years ago today, Josh and I met at a birthday party. We had a lot of mutual friends at the time, so we knew of each other, but Jan 28, 2005 was when our friendship officially began. I’m so glad it happened the way it did! We laugh about it now – Josh made quite an impression, as you’ll see. Here’s what I remember about the night Josh and I first met:

  1. “Would you like to be popular with me?” In our first conversation, Josh asked me this weird question in an attempt to be clever, and he gave me a CD that he and his brother had made. I didn’t know what to make of him, so I kinda just laughed and walked away. It didn’t weird me out too much, obviously, because we became really good friends and it became a big joke between us. Josh even proposed with this line in the same spot where we had that first conversation! Except this time it was romantic instead of dorky.
  2. That night, a group of us played some kind of improv skit game, during which Josh played a taxi driver who had to deliver a baby in a cab… and my brother.. was the pregnant woman? In my memory this is just a snapshot of a moment, and I wish I could remember more of it because in hindsight it seems so off-the-wall and a little out of character for Josh haha.
  3. Listening to his CD on the way home, thinking “this guy is really funny!” The CD helped me put context to his weird “popular” question from earlier, because the album was just a bunch of goofy joke songs, aptly titled 33 Reasons I’ll Never Be Popular. These CDs that Josh made with Jordan were essentially the precursor to Blimey Cow. (If you’re interested, you can listed to 33 Reasons I’ll Never Be Popular [here]. Trust me, if you’re a Blimey Cow fan, you’ll want to hear this!)

I walked away from that birthday party with the impression that Josh was kind of a dork. I mean, I was right.. but we work so well as a couple precisely because we’re both goofy weirdos! Our love is wonderful, but it wouldn’t be what it is without the friendship we had first. So today, we celebrate our 11th Frienniversary like the best friends we are!

9 thoughts on “3 Things I Remember About the Night I Met Josh

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  2. So really neat! I went to listen to Josh and Jordan’s songs from that time. They made me crack up and reminded me of my husband and how he acted with his band mates when I’d go to their practices when we were dating. Teenage boys are so strange. How did Josh use the “Will you like to be popular with me” line in his proposal? The improv skit sounds like it was funny too.

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