A To-Do List For 27

I turn 27 in two weeks. Twenty seven! What have I even done with my life? 

Existential crisis aside, I feel like birthdays are an ideal time to evaluate your life and reflect on the ways you want to improve. For me, putting resolutions and goals out there is a great motivator for change. Here are 27 things I want to do in my 27th year (in no particular order):

  1. Drink more water
  2. Exercise (just. do something.)
  3. Take care of my skin
  4. Practice creativity every day
  5. Get better sleep
  6. Learn from those with different points of view
  7. Make new friends
  8. Be a better friend to the ones I have
  9. Spend more time with my mom
  10. Practice Grace
  11. Make more healthy, homemade meals
  12. Engage more with my followers
  13. Take more pictures
  14. Write more letters
  15. Give more kisses (but only for Josh, Lulu, and my baby friends 😉
  16. Resist the urge to self-isolate when I’m sad
  17. Pray more
  18. Criticize less
  19. Encourage more
  20. Spend less money
  21. Give more money
  22. Make (and keep) appointments
  23. Spend less time mindlessly scrolling on my phone
  24. Admit when I’m wrong
  25. Make more time for date nights
  26. Learn to tell stories better
  27. Stop comparing myself to others’ internet personas

4 thoughts on “A To-Do List For 27

  1. Hi Kelli!
    Excellent ideas! But that is a lot to work on and not very measurable. .. how about working on some mini challenges within this eg… drink 2litres a day, exercise most mornings (4 times a week or at a regular time. .. ) not sure you need to count kisses :D. I can’t count how many times I kiss my husband and baby either lol!!!
    Or do you find that the more. .. directional rather than measurable goals are what you like?
    I share lots of these goals too! One is getting more variety into what I cook at home, so a friend (excellent cook) said get to the point where you can cook 30 recipes and keep rotating them and you’re good.
    Anyway! Hi! I’m 27 too! Welcome!


    • I totally get what you’re saying! but yeah, I was going for more directional goals with this post.. I do have specific steps planned out for the measurable goals, but I didn’t want to bog this post down with the details lol. Thanks for the encouragement!


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