Investing In My Future Self

Confession: It’s Motivation Monday here at Currently Kelli, but I’m not feeling very motivated today. Yesterday was spontaneous! and full! and surrounded by people!, which was FUN! But this introvert is drained. I need a day to myself to recharge.

Grading last week’s goals is strangely encouraging, even though I didn’t complete them. I’m excited to start fresh this week and work toward some goals that I know will help me in the long run.

Last week’s goals: B

Go through closets &  drawers, get rid of clothes I don’t wear anymore: C

I filled three quarters of a standard trash bag with unneeded clothes from my drawers, and I started going through my closet but I didn’t get very far. This was a case of procrastination getting the best of me.. I put it off all week, planning to work on it during my free time on Sunday, but then Sunday got filled up last minute and I ran out of time.

Reorganize nightstand: A

I did it. It’s nice to have a functional space for my diffuser, books, and other bedtime-adjacent items.

This week I’m focusing on a few minor changes that will help my overall health & energy.


1. Exercise at least 3 times this week

This is gonna be a tough one for me, because I really do not like exercising. It is so easy for me to self-justify why I don’t (I’m exhausted, I’m in pain, it will make my stomach feel worse, etc). But I’m getting older, and I need to start investing in my future self.

Watching my mom deteriorate in small ways is my biggest motivator – they say that exercising while you’re young is the number one preventative measure against dementia. And a whole host of other diseases & ailments, of course, but dementia is the one that hits home for me.

Not to mention, Crohn’s symptoms can improve with exercise! That alone should be enough to motivate me, right?!

2. No added sugar

I used to be so good at avoiding added, refined sugar, but I’ve slipped up and I catch myself craving (and eating) it every day now. Sugar is one of my top triggers for Crohn’s flares and inflammation, so I need to cut it out.

3. Drink at least half a gallon of water each day

This is another thing I used to be super good at, that I’ve been a little lax about lately. Obvious benefits aside, I’m hoping it will help me detox from my sugar abuse quicker this week.

4. In bed by 10, awake by 9

We’ve been staying up way too late recently, and my energy is suffering. If I wake up at a decent hour after those late nights, I’m a zombie, but if I sleep ’til I’m rested, then half my day is gone (and it perpetuates the cycle of staying up too late). Giving myself a bedtime will get me back on track and hopefully bring some of my energy back.

Make-up work from last week: finish reorganizing closet & get rid of clothes I don’t need anymore. 

9 thoughts on “Investing In My Future Self

    • Intellectually, I know that having an accountability partner would be helpful, but irrationally I am too embarrassed to even exercise around my husband, haha. That’s something I need to work on!


      • I hate exercising in front of others too! I had to face my fears this past year, because the only way I could work out in Paraguay was to run track and field with my students after school. We don’t have any YMCA’s or Planet Fitness 🙂 The kids would all watch me “run” and tease me. It was miserable sometimes! lol Maybe we could be “long-distance” accountability partners, since I can’t join you for exercise from Paraguay. Just let each other know when we exercise and encourage each other? 🙂


  1. Ugh, I’m with you on hating exercising. My goal with the new year was to go to the gym at least 3 times a week, which I’ve done (for the most part), but it’s hard. It helps if you find something that you halfway enjoy, whether that’s a type of exercise, a class, the exercise environment (inside vs. outside) or whatever. I also listen to audio books while exercising which helps the time fly by!


  2. Oof I need to listen to all of these. Especially exercise for just plain future mobility and sticking to a regular bedtime! *grabs water bottle on desk*


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  4. Hi Kelli! You don’t know me but I’ve been following you on Twitter for a little while now. I have been browsing your blog and this is really encouraging! I have been trying to blog and had a hard time keeping regular posts. Thank you for being an inspiration to me!


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