Over the Moon

I had a much more exciting blog post planned for today, but I wasn’t feeling well yesterday, so I didn’t do any of the prep work for what I had planned.. bummer. Perhaps sometime this week! I kinda feel like I’m a bad blogger because it would’ve been great to have online for Super Bowl Sunday.. (not because it’s in any way related to football – just because people spend more time on the internet during sports events, and this post would be more, um, interactive) but it’s ok. I’m not going to obsess over optimal posting times and SEO and all that serious blogger stuff. Maybe one day I will become a serious blogger, but for now, here are some pictures from Josh’s and my impromptu trip to the U.S. Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville, AL the other day. 

Oh, hey, I just discovered that I can upload videos from my cell phone directly to WordPress, so that’s cool! I am always caught off guard by how massive that 363-foot-tall Saturn V moon rocket is:


Underneath the moon rock, Alan Bean wrote, “I remember this rock… It was my favorite one.” HA. Very clever, Alan Bean.

Speaking of the moon landing, have you guys seen these amazing “new” photos of the Apollo Moon Mission that NASA released a few months ago?

I just learned about them this week, and…wow. JUST WOW. Check them out here.

The museum’s traveling exhibit area was filled with interactive “science fiction” displays. This was the invisibility cloak, and we got a kick out of it… I hate my weird laugh in this video but it is what it is:

I wasn’t expecting to blog about this trip, so these are literally the only pictures and videos that i took, haha.

We also saw Star Wars: The Force Awakens for the fifth time hahaha shhhhhh, I know we are completely ridiculous BUT Josh has been talking about seeing TFA in that IMAX Space Dome since he first heard there would be new Star Wars movies! For the record, I think that’ll be our last viewing of the movie in theaters. Maybe. What can I say? We love what we love. And what we love is Space & the stories it’s inspired.

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