Ruby-Red-Armchair-Apocrypha, etc (Things I’m Digging)

Things I’m Currently Digging:

Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice


A couple of weeks ago I got a hankering for grapefruit juice out of the blue, so I practically begged Josh to stop by the grocery store on his way home one night. I wasn’t disappointed! It’s so good that I’ve had it every morning (and sometimes more than that). This grocery trip I added whole grapefruit to the mix too.. good decision.

The Witness

The Witness is an open-world puzzle game from the maker of another puzzle game we really enjoyed (Braid). Josh and I have been playing through The Witness and it is BLOWING OUR MINDS. Nothing can compare to the elation of figuring out a puzzle after you’ve been staring at it in frustration for what feels like forever.

Armchair Apocrypha

I learned about Andrew Bird in high school, and I loved his stuff back then, but I stopped listening. Until recently. His songs are so weird and complex and beautiful, and I get them stuck in my head all the time. Just listen to that whistle tone.

Lavender Oil


I’ve mentioned that I like lavender oil before, so I know that this isn’t new information. But I’ve been diffusing it almost every day for several months, and I’m not tired of the scent yet. I used to hate the smell of lavender (old person laundry, anyone?), and I don’t know if diffusing it smooths out some of the harshness or if I’ve just gotten used to it.. but I’m definitely a fan now.

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