Three Things I Love About Myself


Today’s post is inspired by Kirby‘s 3 Things Thursday post. She talked about how to find things you love about yourself, so I’m going to use her guide and share three things I love about myself too!

1. I love my skin. I used to dislike my skin because I felt like it betrayed me – I used to blush very easily. As I’ve grown older, I’ve accepted that about myself, and I see that I’ve been blessed with low-maintenance, naturally smooth skin. The ivory tone of my skin makes me feel delicate and lovely. Even when I do experience uncontrollable blushing, or a zit, or a rough patch, or whatever – I don’t let those things change the way my skin makes me feel.

2. I love the story of my relationship with Josh. Our journey from friends to sweethearts was a rough one, but I’m proud of the intentional way we worked through things instead of giving up. This was the first relationship I had that I stuck around and fought for time and time again, even after things got difficult (or weird, or boring, etc), and I’m proud of the personal growth I’ve experienced in learning to love another person through his and my own imperfections.

3. I love my ability to empathize. Other people’s stories affect me deeply – I cry and laugh easily during movies, while reading books and internet articles, and when I listen to people tell their stories – and I like that about myself. I like that when I disagree with someone, I can usually understand where they are coming from, even if our backgrounds, priorities, and conclusions are different.

What are three things you love about yourself? Leave a comment here or, better yet, on Kirby’s post so she can see what’s she’s inspired! And if you decide to write up your own “3 things” blog post, send me a link, I want to read it!

9 thoughts on “Three Things I Love About Myself

  1. “I like that when I disagree with someone, I can usually understand where they are coming from, even if our backgrounds, priorities, and conclusions are different.” // BRAVO. It’s stressful and challenging but so very rewarding.

    Your smile here is bigger than I’ve ever seen it before, Kelli. Rejoicing over what God is doing in and through you.


  2. That’s so funny, I’ve always had that easily blushing issue. And I still do somewhat, but I really think it’s getting better. If no one notices or points it out, then I don’t care as much. It’s only annoying when someone thinks it’s funny to laugh or verbally acknowledge it!
    But three things I love.
    1. My Joy! It’s my middle name, so I guess I was born with it! I seek to try and be happy no matter what the circumstance, simply because I see beauty and joy in many things people might miss!
    2. Also my relationship with my fiance! I would love to know more of your story, but while it is difficult to go through a long distance relationship (we’ve been in very different states for college, and have been LD since the beginning, with a year and a half before wedding) it teaches strength, endurance, and people can sometimes look up to us. Which is nice, because it doesn’t always feel easy!
    3. My search for truth, and openness. Sometimes I don’t like my openness to new ideas, because it means that I’m not completely solid in what I do believe. But I like that I am SO open to learning, always learning, and hearing new ideas. I’m super interested in different denominations and religions other than my own, which kind of works with your empathizing ability!!


  3. This is a great idea! I’ll try it:
    1. I like my lips. I think they’re pretty and full and have a nice, soft pink color.
    2. I recently surprised myself by writing a 58-page Lord of the Rings fanfic. It’s the first story I’ve written in a long time, and the longest one I’ve ever finished. It’s not even that good, but I’m still proud of it, and proud of myself for being creative and perseverant enough to write it.
    3. I might have to steal your #3! It’s something I like about myself too, and an area I feel that I’ve improved in during the last few years, although at the same time I’m dissatisfied because I’d like to be even more empathetic.


  4. 1. Your hands are beautiful. You could be a hand model.
    2. I witnessed you advise Blimey Cow on some topics, preemptively squashing misunderstandings and needless feelings hurt. You’re good at seeing the big picture.
    3. Your sense of humor >>>>>>>>> (remember when people would do that “greater than” / “less than” thing on Twitter? I never tried it til now, two years late)


  5. Those are three great things! It is fun learning about people and reading things like this!

    1. I love learning about relationships and hearing people’s love stories and really like my story with my husband as well. We’ll be married twelve years in 4 months and have been together for 15 years and also had a friendship before becoming a couple. I feel very blessed that I got to skip out on the whole dating-various-people experience because it sounds so hard when I listen to others with their struggles of maintaining someone in a relationship. I hurt deeply for them and try to understand how things would be in their shoes to really help them out and comfort them, which it sounds you are like too. So yeah, I like that I found “my someone” so early on and that we get along so well.

    2. I like that I am teachable and not so hard headed (though I once was, sadly). I try to grow and that to me is something to value.

    3. I like my hips. Because of them I was able to birth a 9lb 14 oz baby. They are 12.5 inches wider than my waist, and that is okay. They carried both my children well!


  6. I can definitely relate to you with the “easy blushing”! It’s been something i’ve always wanted to change about myself but as you know, is impossible. I love how you take something you hate and turn it into something you love. It inspires me to do the same. Thank you❤️


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