Ode To Radiolab

IMG_7225I’ve mentioned before that I’m a big fan of podcasts, but today I would like to share three of my favorite episodes of my very favorite podcast, Radiolab. Radiolab is a gorgeously produced, narrative-driven radio show that deals with science, human experience, and philosophy in incredibly creative ways. I get so excited whenever a new episode shows up in my feed! Here are three Radiolab episodes that stuck with me long after I first heard them:

1. Musical Language

This episode is a truly compelling exploration of the line between language and music. I guarantee you will have “sometimes behave so strangely” stuck in your head for hours after hearing the intro, haha. This was one of the first episodes I heard, and the creative sound design is really what made me fall in love with Radiolab in the first place! I first heard this story years ago, but I still think about the section on babytalk all the time.

2. American Football

I’m not even a big football fan (I’m the kind of fan who only “cares” because her husband cares). But this history of American football is fascinating. I had no idea that its rise in popularity was so closely tied to the cultural assimiliation of Native Americans.

3. Happy Birthday, Good Dr. Sacks

There are several Radiolab episodes I love that include the stories of Dr. Oliver Sacks, and I just couldn’t choose between them, so I figured this episode they put together for his 80th birthday a couple of years ago would be a good example of why I love Dr. Sacks so much. Sadly, Dr. Sacks recently passed away. He was a wildly intelligent man with an adorable voice, and a particular skill for storytelling. Here are a few of my favorite Radiolab/Oliver Sacks moments: his personal experience with Face Blindness, his 7-second amnesia patient Clive, and his love for The Table of Elements.

Honorable Mentions:

I hope you’ll give Radiolab a listen, and if you do, let me know how you enjoy it! If you already listen to Radiolab, what’s your favorite episode? Also, what’s YOUR all-time favorite podcast? I’m always looking for more great shows to add to my queue.

7 thoughts on “Ode To Radiolab

  1. Well, I listen to all the blimey cow podcasts, but I also listen to Stuff You Should Know. It’s a really good informational podcast, but they have a ton of episodes so I went through them all and picked ones I like and added them to my que and I listen to them as I attempt to fall asleep for a half hour to an hour.. However long it takes me. Anyways, I love learning new things and their podcast gives me exactly that!


  2. Radiolab sounds really fascinating; I’ll have to check it out! My favorite podcast is the Blimey Cow one. You might have heard of it 😉 There was an episode a year or so ago (the one with “oohhh, starring ROLE”) that made me giggle like an idiot throughout the entire thing, and I think I’ve listened to it like three or four times now.


  3. Oliver Sacks is awesome! I had a writing professor who had a self-proclaimed “science-crush” on him, and that’s when I first heard of him. He has a fascinating way or mixing stories and science. Amazing man. I actually ended up writing a paper about him that term, and, in the comments and grading section, my professor compared me to Dr. Sacks. Needless to say, I was completely floored. I will definitely be checking out these podcasts, thanks for the recommendation!


  4. My favourite podcasts apart from the various BlimeyCow affiliated podcasts are (in order!) Hello Internet (from Youtubers CGP Grey and Brady Haran), Dear Hank and John (from the VlogBrothers), Ear Biscuits (from Rhett and Link) and Bad Missionary Podcast (from Gret Glyer). I’ve started listening to a few mindfulness podcasts recently and quite enjoying them – current favourite is The Mindful Kind recorded by Rachael Kable.


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