Unmotivated Mondays

IMG_6078I’m having another unmotivated Monday over here today! This weekend was so busy and I’m so drained. Also, my parents left this morning for an extended work trip, and I’m always a little sad when they leave town. But the whole point of having a designated day for making goals is to keep my progress rolling even when I’m feeling apathetic. So.. here goes nothing.

Last week’s (birthday) goals: B

1. Eat a little extra dessert: A+

Donuts, healthy deep dish cookie, key lime pie, brownies, and a chocolate bar. YUMMY

2. Be sung to awkwardly: A+

I love being a room full of people singing the birthday song.. it’s so entertainingly awkward and I love it.

3. Splurge on one little luxury as a gift-to-self: Incomplete

I forgot about this one, but now that I’m reminded?! I’ve got plans!

4. Exercise 3x; daily 64+oz water; stick to sleep schedule: D

I didn’t exercise at all and I stayed up too late almost every night (but I did wake up on time every morning!). The water thing is basically a habit now.

This week’s goals are just things I want and need to do.

1. Start reading again

We’re already 7 weeks into 2016 and I haven’t picked up a book yet. This week I’d like to make it to the library and choose one or two books to get myself back on the wagon.


2. Exercise 3x

This is gonna stay in my Monday posts until it becomes a habit… so maybe y’all should get used to seeing it here, haha.

3. No Added Sugar

I’m going to use the strategies here to reduce my sugar cravings this week.. wish me luck.

4. Practice hand lettering every day

My hand-lettering education has stalled, but I want to get back into it.

5. Prepare for Disney

Josh and his family are going to Disney World next week. I’ve got a list of about 10 things that need to happen before they leave.

7 thoughts on “Unmotivated Mondays

  1. Hi Kelli! I’d love to add my books to your 2016 Reading list if you’re looking for new titles! 🙂 I write YA fiction or as some call it “Clean-Teen.” Swimming Through Clouds is my first published book, about a Post-it note that sparks a sticky romance between two unlikely friends. Love Blimey Cow and all the crazy videos you guys do!

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  2. Oh Kelli, I hear you. I got back from a 14+ hour drive Saturday, and am leaving on a 24+ hour plane ride on Thursday; I have to unpack and repack today, but just don’t feel it. And about the sugar also, I’ve been dealing with some frustrating health issues, and have been off sugar (except for special occasions like Christmas) since August. It’s really hard, and I never thought I could do it at all-and now I’ve been off it almost completely for six months. My comfort is really, really dark chocolate. I found if I get a square of 70%+ cocoa, I can stand not having the other stuff. 🙂 Good luck!


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