Three Random Photos 

I got this idea from the list app. I scrolled through my iPhone photos with my eyes closed and selected three photos at random. Here are the three that my thumb chose:

The very cute embroidery kit that I stitched up a few weeks ago. It was the first time I ever did any kind of needlework, and I taught myself three basic stitches.. it was a lot of fun and I was pretty pleased with myself! These kits are sold out where I found this one on sale, but if you’re interested, it can be found here from the original creator, along with more adorable patterns.

 This is my friend Emily‘s cute welcome mat. I took this while waiting on her to let me in one morning when I was going to babysit Belle.. I don’t remember why I decided to snap a pic, though. My best guess is that I was going to text it to Kirby, as one does, but then I forgot.

This one’s from my birthday, on our way to brunch. I felt cute, so I selfie’d! You’ll never catch me feeling any selfie shame over here. I believe in celebrating positive feelings, especially about our looks.. Because we’re taught to be negative about our bodies and our selves WHICH IS STUPID. Don’t ever let anyone make you feel dumb for being happy and/or liking the way you look!

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