Practice Makes Prettier


One of my goals this week was to practice hand lettering every day. I accidentally skipped one day, but I’ve managed to take a few minutes each of the rest of the days to practice my brush script. I get kind of overwhelmed when I go through the workbooks I got, so I mostly just practiced the actual handwriting style, not the design aspects of hand lettering.

Most of my pages ended up junky & full of doodles, but here are a few I like enough to share. (Oh, and I used This American Life podcast titles because I needed phrases to work with but I didn’t want to use anything special to me that I’d be frustrated if I messed up.)

3 thoughts on “Practice Makes Prettier

  1. These are so cool! Especially the “Amateur Hour” one, with the blue shadows behind the letters; it looks so elegant. Maybe I should get into hand lettering, it looks like fun!


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