Hidden Love Notes


Since I didn’t go to Florida with Josh and his family, I wanted to do something special to remind him how much I love him and to let him know I was thinking about him while we were apart. So I found these heart-shaped notecards in the Target dollar spot, and I wrote him one little love note for each day of his trip, then I hid them in his suitcase for him to find on his own that first night.


I was pretty pleased with my brush script on the envelopes! I’m getting more confident with a brush pen, which is fun.


I enjoy doing little things like this to show my love, and I know that Josh appreciates being thought of. Hidden notes are such a sweet & simple way to connect with a loved one when you have to be apart!

3 thoughts on “Hidden Love Notes

  1. This is so sweet! My boyfriend and I are long distance, and I love writing him little notes. Seeing this has made me want to make up some cards like this for him to take home next time he comes and read every day until we get the chance to see each other again. Thanks for the idea.


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