3 Things I Would Try If I Were More Disciplined

Let’s be honest – we all have things that we think would be cool to try, but aren’t motivated or disciplined enough to actually do them. Learn another language, cook a homemade dinner every night, teach yourself how to code. I call these things “want to want to”s. Here are three of my WTWTs:

Gardening – My mom has always been really into her flower gardens. It’s one of the few things she’s still able to keep up with (to a degree) even after her dementia diagnosis. I wish I had made an effort to learn about gardening from her when we were both younger. Also, it would be awesome to grow my own food! I’m fascinated by the process, and I really enjoy hearing about my friends’ experiences with gardening. When it comes down to it, though, I’ve found that I’m not willing to put in the work. I tell myself I’m just being practical – I have no guarantees that I’ll have the energy to keep up with it throughout the year – and that’s true! But also, I don’t like sweating or digging or trying to plan for things that I have no real understanding of, haha. By the way, Sarah’s blog post today got me thinking about this one. Her pictures are so pretty & inspiring!

Dye my hair a crazy color – I’ve wanted to do this since I was a teenager, but back then I had a job where I couldn’t dye my hair any unnatural colors. After I quit Chick-fil-A, the only thing holding me back was the maintenance that’s involved with keeping vivid colorful hair. That still dissuades me, and I also hate appointments of any kind (Crohn’s-related anxieties ftw). I actually only get my hair cut once a year because of that. The idea of having to re-dye it every six weeks is like a nightmare for me! But if I could dye my hair tomorrow and never have to worry about it fading or awkwardly growing out, I’d choose blue. Yes, blue! I think blue hair is so fun.


i mean, it suits me, amirite? ;P

Yoga – I’m suuuper inflexible (and, let’s be real, pretty weak). I know that yoga would remedy both of those things, but I get so overwhelmed and/or discouraged when I try it and have trouble with basic poses! Honestly, the only thing holding me back from this one is straight-up fear of failure.

Who knows if I’ll ever get over the mental roadblocks keeping me from trying these things, but writing about them has definitely made me want to want to try! Maybe one day. For now, though.. let’s commiserate. What are your WTWTs?


17 thoughts on “3 Things I Would Try If I Were More Disciplined

  1. I recently dyed my hair blue/aqua and I don’t regret it at all! I just got the tips, because I also hate the thought of having to keep up with it and this way it’ll basically stay until I get bored and decide to cut it off. 😉 And obviously I don’t know if it’ll fade and how it would look because I just got it done a week ago, but like I said, I’d just cut it off it I started to hate it, haha. And I would hate to go into a salon too, so thankfully I have a really good friend that is a hair stylist, so she dyed it for me at her house. 🙂 All in all, I would definitely say if those things worry you go for the tips! 🙂 (And make a hair stylist friend…) 😉


  2. You should definitely find Yoga with Adriene on YouTube. She is so fun and encouraging and after a year of following her videos (albeit not as diligently as I’d like), I can tell I am much stronger and more graceful (and I hate exercise, so there is hope). The true spirit of Yoga is not doing everything perfectly but doing and enjoying what you can in the moment! Good luck — and the blue hair is cute! 🙂


  3. Your hair would be amazing blue!!! I have had blue hair for the past year. It does fade awkwardly but I’ve found washing in cool water and no shampooing helps a ton with the fading. I’ve only redyed my hair 4 times I believe in the past year. (I know still a lot but I get sick of having the same hair and need a change.) The 6 weeks thing is mostly for roots, if you don’t mind the new growth look than you can stretch it. Also washing your hair with the color you have your hair dyed (I.e. blue conditioner) it helps your color last longer. Hahaha Just some tips if you ever go for it. (I totally think you should!!!!!!)

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    • Thanks for the tips! I really do think it would be fun… we shall see. Thanks for going through and reading a ton of my old posts, by the way! It was fun waking up to a bunch of new likes! 🙂

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  4. Awesome hearing your WTWTs! I think One of mine would be getting a tattoo. Once I got comfortable with the pain factor and battle the pressure of finding one meaningful thing I can permanently put on my body, I think I’d like to do it.

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    • I would have to invest in a couple of wigs, I think. I’d at least need a long, tangled one for the homeless character, and a polished, braided one for social media girl.


  5. Aww, you look like Sadness from Inside Out in that picture! And potentially Joy too if you did it up! Blue hair would be adorable on you. 😀
    Have you ever tried temporarily coloring your hair with those little hair chalk thingies?
    Also, I can totally relate with “wanting to want to” do things. Nice to know I’m not the only one. 😊


  6. Blue hair totally suits you, Kelli!

    I started thinking that my want to want to list is an arm long, and it probably is. I’d love to learn guitar one day, speak another language, run 10km’s, play softball maaaaaybe, film a video, run a business, paint art, write a novel, and garden and not kill my cactus which is what it currently looks like I’m doing. haha! I think a fear of failure and busyness both stop me from doing those things at the moment. Which is okay, I keep telling myself!


  7. I had cotton candy blue hair for a few months at one point. It was fun and all but bleaching my hair beforehand killed it like crazy so I had to cut it and start fresh (which was hard considering I had 45 inches of hair). I haven’t dyed my hair since either (nearly three years ago now) but am thinking about doing this thing with cinnamon, honey, and conditioner that will naturally highlight my hair (I have naturally light brown with red highlights). I have everything to do it and just haven’t had time to. . .

    You can always do the temporary spray hair to see what you think of colors by the way. I got tired of being stopped EVERYWHERE by people to be told how much they liked my hair or being called a mermaid. It got annoying and I had a fan girl who worked at the supermarket who jumped all giggly touching my hair every time I went food shopping. Drawing attention to myself was not the point of doing it (it was because I was 29 and was ready to do the last “extreme” thing I could before turning 30).

    I have always wanted to garden too. I am not good at keeping things alive when I try but I love flowers and the idea of also growing my own zucchini would be wonderful. I don’t have my own home either so that makes it a hassle since we are in a two family home and the land lord has his own garden outside and there is not really room for us to do one (I might ask him what we are allowed to do though).

    I have always wanted to go on long term road trips. I am from NJ and have never been south of my state or west of PA or further north than Maine. I didn’t even go to Maine until I was married with my first child and really want to go across the ocean or to other states outside of the ones I’ve been to. It would be a lovely opportunity. I really wanted to go on short term missions trips as a teen and never got to while so many others I knew did and I didn’t even ask my parents if I could because I knew they’d have no money and I didn’t know how to ask others to support me to do so (I hated asking people to help me). Ugh. So yeah. . . there you have it. This is long enough.

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