#sneakyselfie (at the Opera)

I snuck this selfie during intermission at The Phantom of the Opera on Wednesday. It was meant to be a video (for my 1secondeveryday project), but I didn’t have the correct setting selected. Neither of us were ready, so we look kinda doofy, lol. But sometimes you like a photo not because of the way it looks, but because of the moment it commemorates.

Phantom was amazing. The sets were unbelievable. The performances were captivating. The music was classic. Our Christine looked like Erin from The Office, which I enjoyed! haha. I walked away feeling so grateful that I finally got to experience this musical in person.

Best birthday gift ever!

3 thoughts on “#sneakyselfie (at the Opera)

  1. Love phantom and glad you got to see it! My Christmas present from my parents was les mis tickets in a few weeks and I am super excited:)


  2. Oh wow, that would have been AMAZING. I would love to see The Phantom of the Opera live one day. Also, totally get what you mean about the selfies – sometimes it’s not about looking perfect as it is about being people having a great time!


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