Pantry Reorganization (before + after)

Reorganizing our pantry was the biggest project that I tackled while Josh was in Disney World. I was proud of my work when I finished, but now that we’ve lived with it for a couple weeks, I’m even more excited about the change!

Sorry for the poor photo quality.. the lighting situation in my kitchen isn’t ideal, and I was in too much of a hurry to stop and get the tripod or mess with camera settings (whoops, bad blogger). Looking at those photos side by side, I’m realizing they don’t really do the transformation justice. A lot of the improvement happened in the back of those deep shelves. Also, I wish I’d taken my “before” photo actually before I’d started emptying the contents, because that empty shelf and the door were the worst parts of the whole thing.

My kitchen was a legitimate disaster for an evening:


It stresses me out just looking at it

The goal here was to make my pantry work for me and the way I know I use it, not to make it look Pinterest-worthy. But I did use some cute chalkboard stickers leftover from my Christmas wrapping for labeling my various containers! They make me smile.

One last slightly-blurry look:



In the time since, I’ve adjusted things as I find they need to be adjusted. I think that’s the best way to keep it from getting out of control – as soon as I notice an inefficient system or item placement, I should figure out a better solution immediately (instead of just shoving it somewhere “for now”).

One thought on “Pantry Reorganization (before + after)

  1. Good job on the organizational skills. I am sure it wasn’t easy to do. Your jars are cute for storing foods! Very cute!! I like that! I put my kernels in a jar too (I eat popcorn about 4 times a week from an air popper bc I am obsessed).


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