When Your Dog Breaks Your Heart

It’s been a crazy weekend.. I’m physically and emotionally spent.


Lulu is having some trouble adjusting to Josh being home. She’s suddenly become very possessive of him. On Friday she started acting aggressively toward me whenever she felt I was taking his attention from her. It escalated very suddenly; we had four separate “incidents” this weekend. So I guess I was wrong when I wrote this about how much we had bonded while he was gone – she doesn’t like me more now, she likes me less! haha. Kinda sucks. She hasn’t hurt me, and I don’t believe she was ever trying to. But it’s hard to not be scared when a dog is exhibiting aggressive behavior toward you, especially if it comes out of nowhere from your own (usually sweet) pet! I was also bit by a dog on my head when I was 7 years old, so I think my fear is manifesting itself more intensely than it would be otherwise. Intellectually, I understand that I’m not in true danger, but the situation is triggering an intensely visceral reaction.

All that to say, it’s taken a toll. I’m drained.

We have a friend from high school who is a very successful dog trainer, so Josh texted her for advice. She came over today to get a feel for the situation and work on basic training with Lulu. It was reassuring for me to see how well Lulu responded to Abigail. She gave us a ton of advice and was optimistic that we’ll easily be able to correct the behavior. I feel much, much better about the whole situation after our in-home lesson!

Please pray for me if you think about it. I’m sad about the change. If I’m being honest, I’m heartbroken. In addition, the best way to deal with this kind of behavior is to not react when faced with aggression, so I have to be able to wrangle my feelings into submission and calm myself in order to do that. I have no doubt I can do it! It’s just taking a toll on my mental & physical state right now.

I want my Lulu back:


P.S. I installed a new theme for my blog and spent several hours customizing the design because I wanted something that was easier to browse. I don’t expect people to visit every day, and I feel like this style of organization will be easier to keep up with things if you’re just checking in every once in a while. I’m pleased with how it turned out! Let me know if anything is wonky.

9 thoughts on “When Your Dog Breaks Your Heart

  1. Aww Kelli!! Dogs break your heart don’t they?? I pray that Lulu gets back to her old self. My dog hasn’t done that, but I know the feeling when things change with them — I usually realize just how much I love them then! I pray God changes Lulu’s behaviour and she’s back to normal for you asap 🙂

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  2. If it’s any consolation, our dogs occasionally “swap” favorite persons from time to time. We’ve not had the aggression accompany it, but you still have to wonder why they suddenly seem to love you less.

    I envy you having a dog trainer friend! Our second dog has been the night to the day of our first dog. Very different behaviors and personalities. It’s been… interesting… to learn how to deal with their differences. Dog #2 has recently been baring teeth and growling more frequently, which has been frustrating, heartbreaking, and puzzling all at the same time. I would love an in-home lesson to answer some of our questions!

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    • THANKS! I was beginning to worry that everybody hated it, haha. it’s ice to get feedback at all, and especially nice since you like it 🙂


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