Nothin’ But Net

It feels good to wrap up a week of goals with a good grade! Even if these were relatively simple – a metaphorical free throw – I’m gonna let myself celebrate my 3-pointer. Ok I don’t know why I’m using basketball metaphors. I guess March Madness has worked it’s way into my psyche. Whatever, I’m going with it.

Last week’s goals: A

1. Exercise 3x: A
YES! I finally did it. Setting a reminder in my phone helped a lot.

2. Read at least three chapters of Thanks for the Feedback: A+
I read four chapters! This book is so good. It’s got me really examining the way I think about feedback and relationships.

3. Take care of myself: A
I probably could’ve slept better/eaten healthier, but I didn’t get sick like I thought I might. I was kind to myself, I pursued self-improvement, and I tuned into my body’s cues. That’s a win on all counts in my book.

This week’s goals:

1. Exercise 3x

2. Read 3 chapters
I usually devour books in 1-2 days, but Thanks for the Feedback is the kind of book that requires periodical breaks to process what I’m learning. This pace of at least 3 chapters a week seems to be working for me, so I’ll stick with it.

3. Training with Lulu
Our friend the dog trainer recommended that we work on basic obedience exercises with Lulu, in order to curb her aggressive behavior toward me and hopefully get her to respect and be more comfortable with me again so these incidents don’t happen anymore.

4. Survive the Homeschooling Convention
Our one big annual event – the Teach Them Diligently convention at Opryland Hotel in Nashville – is this week. We’ve got a booth to sell merch, and it’s fun to mingle with homeschool families & the other vendors. It’s really cool to meet fans of our videos, but it’s exhausting. I usually don’t stay the entire time, but even after scaling back my involvement, I’ve gotten sick afterward every year.

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