3 Things I Would Tell My 15-Year-Old Self

– Stop pretending that you like things just to look cool in front of boys. Figure out what you like, and don’t apologize for it. Those guys aren’t gonna stick around anyway (except one, and he thinks you’re cool no matter what you do or don’t like).

– Spend more time with your mom! Let her teach you how to garden. Go paint pottery with her. Talk about your feelings and ask for advice and cry on her shoulder and laugh about life while you can. One day, these things aren’t going to be so easy, and you’re going to wish you’d soaked them up while you could. (Spend more time with your whole family, for that matter! Your dad and brothers aren’t letting on, but they could each use your support (and friendship) right now)

– The world is much bigger than what you think you know. Don’t be afraid of befriending people who think differently than you – they have valuable insights and viewpoints you’ll never experience otherwise. Learn from them! Your life will be richer for it.

What would you tell your 15-year-old self?

4 thoughts on “3 Things I Would Tell My 15-Year-Old Self

  1. I’d tell myself not to exclusively hang out with the popular kids when your not in school, especially since they weren’t all that great of friends. Also I’d tell myself to be more of myself, like really share who I am with the people I was constantly hanging out with. And then I’d throw in a dos of “boys will not complete you and neither will being the center of attention.”


  2. This seems like very good advice. You were an adorable 15 year old by the way!!! I think what you stated is so how 15 year old girls seem to be like. Don’t you just want to shake your 15 year old self sometimes? 15 is definitely a tough time in a growing girl’s life!

    1. You are in one of your hardest and wisest years ever. Don’t change that portion of yourself. Your 32 year old self will envy it at times because of the strength you had in this year. Your decision to leave Christian school and go to public school at the close of this freshman year is a good decision. You will like it there a lot even though you are nervous about not being in a “Christian” environment and knowing no one, so stop fretting so!

    2. Stay modest as you are in this year. Next year you’ll try to show off a lot of your skin in order to draw the attention of the guy you’ll like. You don’t need to try so hard. He will fall for you regardless without you having to show off your little perfect belly and thong when you bend over (oh goodness). God will humble you with many stretch marks and this man will love you for the rest of your life even with those marks from carrying his children. He likes your mind and faith best of all and finds you gorgeous without having to tease him so. Be patient with him and strive for purity in every sense. Value your body as a temple of the Lord to only be looked upon in the privacy of your marriage to this guy one day!

    3. Stop trying so hard to get people to like you for who you are. It is good that you don’t change who you are and you are very good at saying no to peer pressure, but it is not worth the heartache and rejection you’re going to continue to have to try so hard to be liked. You are great as you are. You don’t believe you are beautiful at all but you really are gorgeous. Stop crying over rejection all the time. It is annoying and will continue through your twenties, so stop it NOW. You will have a couple caring people in your life who fully accept you. Embrace who you are. Save yourself the heartache.


  3. Spending more time with your mom is definitely something I wish I could go back and tell myself too! I wrote one of these to my 13 year old self recently and it’s really eye opening for sure!


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