Flashback Friday 

I didn’t take many photos this week, and the ones I did take were nothing special. So instead of sharing my favorite photo from this week, I figured I’d continue the “throwback” trend from yesterday and share a couple photos from my camera roll that haven’t seen the light of day.

First is from shooting a few weeks ago. I don’t remember which video this is for, but Whenever there are characters involved, video shoots are always ten times more fun.  

This one is from the morning Josh left for Disney World. I shared with y’all the notes I hid for him, but I didn’t mention that he also hid a note for me. It was sweet waking up that first morning to find this love note tucked away in the fridge!

This last one is from my birthday. Lulu was begging hardcore for those donut holes, and I couldn’t resist snapping this picture.

P.S. I am terribly ill today, so I’m not hanging out at the homeschool convention with the rest of the family. Please pray for quick healing. I’m just miserable.

5 thoughts on “Flashback Friday 

  1. Prayers for you, girl. Also, idk why but it took me by surprise to see Jordan in his socks. It’s funny. I never think about him or any of you guys shooting from your home. So seeing him being comfortable while he works just seemed refreshing, made me smile. You guys are super blessed. Much love.

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