Creativity Round-Up

Since I’ve been sick most of this week, I don’t have anything creative to share. To make up for that, I’ve gathered a few of my favorite creative things that others put out this week:

This super cute love song. My favorite line: “Do you think that I’m weird? I like your kisses and I wish that you were here all the time.” #PRESH

This recipe for chocolate dessert bowls. The Cookies & Cream Hershey Bar bowl looks amazing. And I loved the cute little promo video they made, too.

This roundup-up of 10 Sweet Spring Printables. My favorite is the first one. Maybe I can convince Josh to get more color ink for our printer.. he always says it’s a waste of money because it’s expensive and we don’t need it, and I always say BUT PRETTY PRINTABLES!

This story about the world of competitive debate. I had no idea they talked so fast in competitive debate. And I’m a sucker for a good let’s-change-things-up story. I found myself with a lump in my throat more than once.

This video about not losing your imagination. I really like what Jordan is doing with his channel. These deep, contemplative videos are a lot more true to his IRL personality than the Messy Mondays videos are, and I’m glad that he’s sharing that side of himself with YouTube.

There you have it. Happy Saturday, everyone!

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