Fighting the Blues

Currently, I’m:

Wanting.. to stop being sick and get back to normal already.

Feeling.. pretty meh, to be honest. I’m fighting it, but I’m just bummed out. Yesterday and today have been the worst days, mentally (even if physically, I can see improvement, THANK GOD). I’m just tired of being sick. I wish Crohn’s disease didn’t exist and nobody had to experience this.

Enjoying.. our freshly cut grass. It looks and smells so nice! It’s one of the small things I’m choosing to focus on in my fight against the blues.

Hearing.. the birds and their songs are out in full force lately! I realized today that I mostly tune them out, but I’m trying to enjoy them while they’re here. Again, trying to fight the blues.. and the birdsong and the barking dogs in the neighborhood can be a sweet pick-me-up when I choose to focus on them.

Thankful that.. I am privileged enough that I don’t have to have to job for us to make ends meet. I think about this all the time. Don’t get me wrong, making a living through YouTube videos is a lot of work, and we’re smart about our budgeting, but it’s a huge blessing and a relief that our economic well-being doesn’t rely on my health and ability to be reliable. Because otherwise.. we would be in trouble.

I’m also thankful for netflix and podcasts to pass the time, that Josh is such a great caretaker, that my parents are back in town & I got to give them actual hugs this week, and that Lulu is back to her old self (except more obedient.. so, really, she’s better than her old self! And still just as sweet).

What are you currently wanting, feeling, wishing, thinking, and/or thankful for this week? 

3 thoughts on “Fighting the Blues

  1. Wanting: Mentally I’ve been going through a lot lately. So much so even that it’s been physically effecting me. I’ve been praying a good deal and asking God to please deliver me and help me to just get through the day. He surely is listening cause I’m still here and I still believe that He is Lord, that Jesus died for our sins, and Christ rose again on the third day.
    Thankful: I’m soooo thankful that God has not given up on me even when I sometimes give up on myself. He is still with me and loves me despite my many wrongs. I don’t know what I’d do without Him. There are some days, especially here lately, when it’s hard to think straight when my feelings are telling me the opposite of the truth. Christ loves me, is always with me, and promises to never leave me<<these are the things I must remember. I'm also thankful for the hope that someday God will deliver me from the problems I'm going through, the problems others are going through too.

    I hope you continue to get better and encourage you to keep holding on, because God is still holding on to you.


  2. I’m currently wishing my flight wasn’t delayed. I’m feeling excited to be going home for my Dad’s 50th birthday. I’m thankful that Jesus died on a cross to set me free (I’ve been more aware of it in this week leading up to Easter)… And I’m thinking I can’t wait to hug my mommy or eat her delicious home cooked made with love meals again!


  3. Birds are great to listen to. I find that because my seven year old is learning so much about birds, I am paying better attention to them as well, yet I have always found solace in listening to them, but I don’t look at them enough until lately. That is nice that you aren’t tuning them out so much.

    I am thankful that the weather is getting warmer. I really want to go out and teach my boys how to do certain skills because lately playing video games seems to be all they want to do instead of enjoying the outdoors and it bothers me a lot. They don’t even know how to ride their bikes yet, so I am hopeful that this year both will be off of their training wheels. We’ll do it! yes!


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