Shoutouts and See-Saws

Well, we’ve reached another Skill Saturday here on the blog, and the only skill I’ve cultivated this week is that I can unscrew a bottle of nutrition shake with one hand almost every time. BIG week, folks, big week.

I was hoping I’d wake up this morning with enough energy to help out on Monday’s video, but alas, it wasn’t meant to be. Shoutout to Adler for taking on my big skit, and to Sarah for taking the rest of my lines AND making dinner for the crew while I hung out in bed. I also want to give a shoutout to Josh for making me mashed potatoes; Xfinity On Demand for an endless amount of entertainment; and Orgain for filling the gaps in my diet and keeping me alive the last four days.

I’m feeling better in some ways, but worse in others. It’s like a frustrating see-saw.

I feel like I’m writing basically the same thing here every day: “Dear Internet, I am improving but not by much. I am in pain. I am bored. Thank you for caring about me. The End.” I guess that’s the biggest drawback to committing to blog every day. When life gets difficult and repetitive, the overall quality of the blog suffers. Honestly though, thanks for checking in on me. You folks make me feel less alone during weeks like the last two. 🙂 Happy Easter, everyone!

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