If I Had 3 Wishes…

If I found an old lamp in the attic and a genie popped out with the promise to grant me three wishes, I would have a really difficult time deciding what to ask for. That’s a lot of pressure! How could a person pass up the opportunity to rid the world of violence? Or starvation? Or TAXES? (that one was for my husband 😉 )

But if I couldn’t save the world and my wishes had to be selfish, I’d ask for these three things.

1. Perfect Health for myself. No more Crohn’s disease, no more worrying if I can have children or not, no more weak joints or allergies or bad eyes. Just a healthy, perfectly functioning body.

2. That my mom wouldn’t have dementia and she’d live a long, healthy, happy life.

3. A big, beautiful, private island for me, Josh, and our families, with all the comforts of home and more (internet, electricity, indoor plumbing, a well-stocked kitchen, efficient transportation on and off the island, and a steady stream of all my favorite people coming to visit).

What would your 3 “selfish” wishes be?

8 thoughts on “If I Had 3 Wishes…

  1. My 6yo brother has this new thing where he’s always asking, “if you could have one wish, what would it be?” I think my selfish wish would be to travel the world. Have the time, money, and ability to travel the world! And also maybe something like be able to have a “jam session”/sing with some of my favorite artists. 🙂
    My 6yo brother told me a list of ten wishes. His first one was “no more Isis.” And he also wished that “Donald trump and Hillary Clinton would be automatically out.” 😳😜 he wished that he could “watch every movie in the whole world. Well not every movie. Mostly like Disney movies.” And then things like $1 million, a beagle that didn’t bark, a lake on our backyard, etc. Oh to be 6! 😜

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  2. 1. For my mom to have never had Ulcerative Colitis in the first place (she doesn’t have her colon now) 2. For my grandma not to have gotten Alzheimer’s 3. To have a completely free college education and to be able to take as many computer classes as I wanted instead of focusing on one aspect.

    Hope you feel better soon Kelli! Megan soccerkicker008@aol.com

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  3. Hey, good morning! So as a fellow crohns sufferer (joint pain and everything else that goes along with chronic inflammation) I can say I somewhat empathize with what you are going through. I don’t want to sound preachy and I have herd all the cliches before(God has a plan, a reason) but after listening to a pod cast the other day I think I finally get it. It was about paul and his pain and imprisonment but it was conveyed in such a way that I understood it like I never have before. If you interested it’s called ‘your move with Andy Stanley’. From around sept 25 2015 called ‘in the meantime’.

    And thanks for all your awesome post.
    1. New pain free body
    2. Have the relationship with God I was created for
    3. Mont with out a Jo so I have time to do fun things, like read!


  4. Oh man, selfish wishes.
    Healthy back and skin
    Health to all my friends and family (including you)
    If I can add a 4th… Room for me on your private island with free air fare once a year 😉
    I just asked my grandpa and he said, ” I wanna win the mega million.” 😂


  5. 1. To be able to attend any past or present Broadway (or off-Broadway musical) when I want to.
    2. To not have to work
    3. Travel back in history and interview anyone (historical, biblical characters, etc).


  6. 1. To have enough money for me and my family to live comfortably for the rest of our lives and still be able to give to generously to charities.

    2. For free Starbucks until I die (whether in the actual coffee shop or from a store).

    3. For my very own book store, with handcrafted shelves, stylish decor, and, of course, a mini coffee bar that’s totally free for customers. And, since my first wish is for plenty of money, I can offer the books at super low prices and even have days when books are free of charge.

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  7. Those are quite lovely wishes honestly. I wish they could come true for you, very sincerely.

    1. have our two loans (car and school) paid off even though we only have two years on both finally (I really want them done with).
    2. Have a 600 sq. ft. house so we can have a dog and our own place while maintaining our minimalistic outlook.
    3. Not have hemorrhoids after these past near 4 years anymore. So tired of the pain.


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