Congrats Mark & Katie!

The real reason I was so excited about friends coming over on Wednesday  was because I knew this was going to happen:  

Josh helped Mark make a Lord of the Rings themed proposal video with some friends last weekend. We used my health as an excuse to get everyone over to our house this Wednesday for dinner & Survivor, instead of our usual routine of going to Katie’s house, so that A) we could use our projector to show the proposal video, and B) Katie wouldn’t be in her pajamas when Mark proposed (which she definitely would have been if we were all over at her family’s house, haha – a woman after my own heart).


The evening was a raving success. Nobody gave away the surprise, Mark got to propose to his love in a creative way that was special to them, Katie said YES (but really, no one ever doubted she would), and it was an honor for us to be part of their special moment. What a night! Congratulations, Mark and Katie!


3 thoughts on “Congrats Mark & Katie!

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