Home Decor Pinsperation

I want to say I’m continuing to feel better, but the truth is that I’m exhausted and achey today. I’ve got no skills from this week to share and no desire to write anything that requires much brain power. I’ve reached 9:00pm with no blog post. So I went on Pinterest and found some pretty home decor photos to share.

If I could snap my fingers and make my home look like these photos, I would be one happy lady living in one gorgeous house.



via Pinterest (broken link)



via Anthropologie (unfortunately not available anymore)

(I bet you can’t guess my favorite color 😉 )



3 thoughts on “Home Decor Pinsperation

  1. I love the wooden floor and the green/blue door! Sorry you’re not feeling well still. Praying that you continue to improve!


  2. I like your taste in colors! To me, blues and greens are soothing but still fun. They’re also great because they jive even if you don’t match the shades perfectly. The minimalist style, the clean lines, and the hint of retro are also nice!

    On a health note, mine slows me down sometimes as well. I will be thinking of you.


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