Currently (or: more energy & Star Wars excitement)

Currently, I’m..

Spending.. more time out of bed, yay! I’m still spending most of my time here, but I’ve made a point to be up and about for at least a few hours before getting back in bed. It’s nice. My energy is still super low, though, so even those few hours really wears me out.

Exercising.. (kind of) on the power tower (an arm exercise apparatus) that Josh got last week. Mostly, I just hang off it and stretch out my spine (feels good but I get lightheaded easily), and I’ve also started doing a few knee-raises on it once or twice a day. I’m taking it slow and I’m encouraged and proud of myself for the little I can do, especially considering how low my energy has been the last month or so.

img_6847Watching.. STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS CAME IN THE MAIL YESTERDAY! We didn’t get to watch it yesterday because Josh was busy, but as soon as I finish this blog post, we’re going to pop it in! I’m especially excited to poke around the special features.

Wearing.. My mom-in-law got me this super-comfy R2D2 pajama dress for my birthday, so I’m wearing it today in honor of our sixth TFA viewing today. We are nerds.

Thankful for.. the various postal services that make my life a million times easier. I’m so grateful for the men & women who drive those big trucks and lift all those heavy boxes every day. I’ve been ordering our non-produce groceries and my Orgain nutrition shakes online recently, and it’s so nice that I can do that from my bed with the guarantee that it’ll be on my front porch just a few days later. It saves us money and time.

I’m also thankful for the arrival of Spring, receiving fun goodies in the mail, lemongrass essential oil, Daisy Ridley, and Aloe juice.

What are you spending, exercising, watching, wearing, and/or thankful for today?

12 thoughts on “Currently (or: more energy & Star Wars excitement)

  1. Hi Kelli!

    I’m so happy to hear that your energy is slowly returning and that you’re giving yourself lots of time to recover. You mentioned in this posts that you’re thankful for Lemongrass oil. Would you mind sharing how you use it? I purchased some from YL but I’ve only used it for a bug repellent so far. I’d love to learn more uses for it!

    Thanks! Hannah


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    • I mentioned lemongrass oil because of it’s anti-inflammatory properties – I just learned about it this week! Adding a drop to drinks/smoothies or soups is said to treat stomach pain and inflammation. A friend also recently sent a bar of vegan soap made with lemongrass, and i just love the smell of it. Hope that helps! 🙂


  2. So glad to hear you’re doing better! Excellent R2 dress :o).
    You should check out the aromatherapy company Honest Aromas ( – I’m making a bit of a shameless plug since I work there (…and okay, my mom is the resident aromatherapist :), but there’s a lot of EO resources I think you’d appreciate.
    Get well! 🙂


    • Thanks for the resource! I have a close friend who is a Young Living distributer, so I went through her to get my current oils. But I will check out the site for info about EOs 🙂

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  3. I’m so glad that you are feeling a bit better! I pray that you get more energy each day.

    In response to the question – I study Spanish. Lately I’ve been watching a couple of good, clean, Spanish teaching dramas that I found. I like to exercise by walking, but an old injury prevents this sometimes. I’m thankful for time with loved ones, a day trip coming up, and since you mentioned lemongrass……pineapple! I just learned all the benefits of pineapple from a book called “The Green Pharmacy” by James A. Duke, Ph.D.


  4. We watched The Force Awakens for the first time last night (no baby sitter to see it in theaters) and my husband, who has the first original three movies memorized was very disappointed and thought it was the “most expensive fanfic to ever be created.” He is glad Harrison Ford got his long awaited wish that was supposed to happen in the originals. I mean, my husbnd is a guy who responded with “I know” when I first told him I loved him and a couple weeks later told me in which I responded “I know”. . .so we take the original Star Wars seriously haha.

    I actually LOVED Daisy Ridley’s character and acting. My husband thinks Rey is Luke’s daughter. He says this movie is the originals mixed into one in a way and that “Now Luke is Yoda, Han was Obiwan. . . ” (he had a load of complaints that actually made sense). I saw your tweets last night after we finished the film and laughed at the “Rey Fangirling” one you posted with the unicorn rainbow thing.

    I spent money today on bills, exercised yesterday doing some Dance Dance Revolution, started watching Cheese in the Trap (Korean Drama), wearing my Sudara PJ pants right now which were made by rescued sex trafficking victims, and I’m thankful that my children are quietly and contently working on their homeschooling for once (instead of getting distracted, talking the whole time, or complaining about things).


    • That’s adorable that you guys Han’d each other when you first fell in love. I always had such mixed feelings about that scene because it was so true to his character & a great line but I wanted him to ADMIT that he LOVED her, darn it! 😛

      There are a lot of theories about Rey’s lineage that make sense – one I’ve seen floating around is that she’s actually related to Obi-Wan (the similar accents and the strong force-sensitivity being the main clues). I think i WANT her to be Luke’s daughter, but I also can’t imagine him choosing to leave her stranded on a desert planet after growing up the way he did. People are also saying her mother could be Jyn from Rogue One! Which.. I mean, it makes sense, too – the similar looks, the accent, the X-wing pilot doll & helmet that Rey has in her AT-AT home.. I think her father would have to be someone we already know, in that case, someone with high force sensitivity. Or maybe not. IDK! Whatever they do with Rey’s lineage, I’m just excited to see the story unwind.

      I have some friends who feel the same way about the film as your husband did, and while I disagree with them, some of their complaints are actually things I ENJOYED about the film, so at some point i’ve just gotta chalk it up to differing tastes.

      I was cracking up making those little videos. I’m glad you like them too haha. My favorite was sadface Rey & Kylo.


      • I agree so very much about Han. He didn’t have to be scared to confess. :: sigh ::

        Really interesting about the lineage thoughts! I haven’t read anything about what people think about who she is but I like that idea that she may be Felicity Jones’ character’s daughter too…but at the same time I don’t know if that makes sense, does it? Unless she was in her 40s when she had a child which is possible…right? I mean the new movie coming out seems to be right after Leia and Luke are separated at birth, and Rey is about how old? 17? Leia is about 55-60 in the movie now? So I don’t know how the line works or anything. . .trying to figure it out but it is possible. I know plenty of ladies who gave birth in their late 40s. . .

        I keep watching the trailer by the way. So good. Also after reading your review and discussing things with my husband, he decided to rewatch The Force Awakens today to see if he likes it more and he did. 🙂 He is getting there. I keep thinking about the movie, so that means I liked it a lot more than I thought too. So thanks!


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