3 Reasons I’m Freaking Out About Rogue One

Today, the teaser trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story was released.

I’m so hyped for this film. I know I’m being silly, but come on! More Star Wars! Here are three reasons I’m excited about this movie:

1. The teaser-trailer surprised me.
Another female-led Star Wars movie?!?!  I’ve always been A Girl Who Loves Star Wars, but I honestly didn’t know how much I wanted to see women leading Star Wars movies until Disney gave me Rey and Jyn. I wasn’t expecting another female lead right after we got such a great one in The Force Awakens.

I had avoided most news about what Rogue One was going to be before today, so I was expecting a dude-heavy movie about X-Wing pilots who stole the Death Star plans before A New Hope took place. I was excited about THAT idea, but what we got in this trailer is ten times better. A movie about an awesome lady rebel spy infiltrating the Death Star? Sign me up.

2. Felicity Jones!
Of course, I adored Felicity Jones in Theory of Everything (who didn’t?), and one of the biggest bummers about The Amazing Spider-Man 3 never being made was that we never got to see what they were planning with her character. I followed her press tour pretty closely after Theory and she seems so sweet and adorable. I’m excited to see more from Felicity this December.

3. More World-Building.
In my opinion, learning the story behind Mon Mothma’s line in A New Hope about the lives lost getting the Death Star Plans will only make that scene richer when we go back and rewatch Episode VII. And the idea that we’re going to get a look at this galaxy from a non-force-sensitive perspective? That thrills me. I guess I’m making a big assumption here – maybe Jyn is force-sensitive. But my impression has always been that the Rebel Alliance was made up of normal people doing their part to fight the evil in their world. And I’m really excited to see that.

Not to mention, we’ve never seen a Star Wars movie that doesn’t revolve around a Skywalker! (Rey’s mysterious lineage aside – whether she is or isn’t, TFA was very Skywalker-centric).

P.S. my husband started a new movie trailer reviewing youtube channel today, and Rogue One was his first review. I think it’s pretty great:

6 thoughts on “3 Reasons I’m Freaking Out About Rogue One

  1. Is it weird that I was actually hoping for a male lead (or an alien)? My gut reaction was actually one of dismay, because this character looks so much like Katniss Everdeen! I was thinking to myself, “No, no, we don’t need another YA movie. This is Star Wars, not Divergent.” But I tend to have very visceral reactions to movie trailers, one way or the other, and literature and film are the two things in this world I’m quickest to criticize, so hopefully Disney and Felicity Jones will prove me wrong and I will end up enjoying this movie as much as I enjoyed The Force Awakens. Her backstory sounds pretty cliché to me, but of course there’s more to a character than we see in a short trailer. My friend also enjoyed the trailer, and she and you have an entirely different perspective from mine, which is always nice to hear! Gives me a shred of hope and the ability to view the trailer from a different angle. From one Girl Who Loves Star Wars to another, great blog post.


    • Ooh, an alien lead could be cool. I can’t identify with you “hoping” for a male lead, though, haha.. I expected it, but I’m definitely not disappointed that I was wrong about that.

      I didn’t get YA vibes from the trailer, but then again I actually enjoy YA lit, so even if it was there I don’t think it would’ve bothered me. Her backstory may seem cliche, but so were Luke’s and Han’s, and that didn’t detract from the story at all! And I GUESS i see the Katniss comparison, but only because Jyn’s black suit in that one shot is kind of like the Mockingly outfit. The two characters seem to have much different attitudes already – from the trailer, Jyn is straightforward and purposefully rebellious, where Katniss was thrust into her rebellion reluctantly. That’s just the most obvious difference to me. Idk, I am excited about it and I don’t think that it’s going to be like a typical YA dystopia story JUST because there is a female lead.. I think it is going to be great! Thanks for sharing your perspective – like you said, it’s cool to hear the other side of it.


  2. That is cool that your husband is doing these reviews and I am soooooo excited about this one! Really truly!!!!! I saw a movie with this actress with Anton Yelchin (don’t remember the name) and it was depressing but she was good. Good point about it not being a Skywalker film! I did freak out with Mon Mothma! I was sad she wasn’t in the Jedi film so yey!


    • Oooh! I love Anton Yelchin. I googled it and found it’s called “Like Crazy” but it wasn’t on Netflix. I’ll keep my eye out, though, because I really do like both of them.

      I’m glad you are excited about Rogue One since you and your husband weren’t as excited about The Force Awakens. I loved seeing Mon Mothma too! The actress they got seems perfect. I hope we get to know the character beyond “standing in the control room” but I know the story isn’t about her, so I won’t be too disappointed if we don’t.


      • Yes, Like Crazy was the film. I had to look back at my movie review posts. I honestly didn’t enjoy it. It was just very sad (as in the love story and situation throughout was so sad). Jennifer Lawrence was in it too.

        Yey Rogue One though!


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