Everything Hurts

I planned to do a Q&A blog post or video for today’s post, but I woke up feeling pretty awful so I decided to postpone that until next weekend. My pain has improved as the day has progressed, but still – ooph. Everything hurts. For that reason (among others), today has been kinda sucky.

Shoutout to commenter Tori for suggesting The Paradise on Netflix after I mentioned yesterday that I’d been binge-watching period dramas. I am so into it. I blew through the whole first season in like 24 hours (embarrassing, but true). To the others who have suggested various period dramas, I made a list of your recommendations! Thanks for helping me in my quest to avoid complete boredom.

Lulu goes to the trainer’s for a week tomorrow. Josh and I are both really sad about not having her around the house for a week, but we’re hoping this will really help with the issues we’ve had with her.

Do you have any questions you’d like me to answer in next week’s Q&A? Leave a comment or tweet ’em at me this week and I’ll choose my favorites on Saturday.

6 thoughts on “Everything Hurts

  1. If you haven’t read any books by Brandon Sanderson, I would suggest his books. They’re high fantasy, and have awesome character development. Also they are long books, but easy to read.


  2. You may have already had these as suggestions but War and Peace BBC version from 2015/2016 is wonderful. I was a bit daunted by it at first because of its reputation for being a complicated book but it’s soo worth it. Also pride and prejudice by Andrew Davies (the Colin Firth version) as well as Emma (the one with Romola Garai is probably my favourite but the one with Gwyneth Paltrow is also really good). Feel better! 🙂


  3. I agree that When Calls the Heart is definitely worth the time and my whole family loves it. The Paradise is SO GOOD! It’s probably my favorite besides Downton Abbey .
    I haven’t finished it, but so far Land Girls is really good!


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