The Highlights Of My Week So Far

Well, here we are blogging at the end of the night again, whoops. But I feel like I have a pretty good reason – I actually left the house this evening! Without any anxiety, even! I felt good enough today to go over to Josh’s family’s for dinner & Survivor, and it was great. I’m encouraged. I’m also exhausted, but it was worth it. I missed them.

Here are some highlights of my week so far:

    • On Monday, my dear friend Bethany stopped by to offer her company and a delicious pineapple smoothie. It was so lovely to see a friend after being mostly isolated for the last several weeks. She knows me so well, too – gave plenty of notice, didn’t put any pressure about seeing me, didn’t mind my greasy hair or messy house, and stayed long enough to make me feel valued, but not so long that I felt drained. She gets me.
    • I discovered two new, delicious ways to eat sauerkraut: 1) with mashed potatoes, and 2) piled onto half an avocado. If you like sauerkraut or are looking for ways to work more fermented foods into you diet, give those a try.
    • Josh created this amazing Suicide Squad/Friends theme song mash up and it’s so perfect. I LOVE IT:
  • Kirbys pep talk yesterday reminded me that while I don’t have control over the way my body feels or the fact that I have feelings about that, I do have control over which feelings I dwell in.
  • I have been feeling noticeably better each day, and I got to go over to my in-law’s today 🙂

Here’s to the rest of the week – hoping that I keep feeling better each day, and cool little things like the above keep happened. But even if they don’t, I’m making concerted effort this week to feed optimism and joy.

5 thoughts on “The Highlights Of My Week So Far

  1. Hooray for Bethany! 🙂 In my rather limited experience, friends who truly get you are few and far between.

    I personally feel like I’m a hard person to be friends with and I’m not very good at being a friend. Aside from my husband and my sister, there’s one person in my life that I consider a good friend and she knows (unfortunately for her) not to expect a lot out of me. But to her credit, she never gets angry with me if we haven’t spoken or seen each other for months at a time, and we always just pick up where we left off. I seriously don’t deserve a friend like her. I should give her a call this week.

    How are you and Josh doing without Lulu around? Have you gotten any progress reports? 🙂


  2. I’m glad that you’re feeling better. I’m also glad that you shared what your friend said. I’ve been struggling with the bad feelings that keep coming up towards the Lord because of the problems I’ve been having with my anxiety and OCD. Not dwelling on those feelings but on the forgiveness of Jesus is what’s important.

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