3 Fictional Characters I’d Like to Befriend

This list was difficult to narrow down, because there have been so many fictional characters I’ve loved over the years. So I tried to think of it pragmatically: instead of choosing the coolest characters or the characters I enjoy the most, I thought “who would both fit into my life and make it better for knowing them?” It’s still difficult to choose, but here’s who I finally ended up with:


Anne Shirley
Growing up, my family moved a lot, so I never had many friends, and I often feel like I missed out on learning how to make friends. So someone like Anne – who would fiercely pursue friendship with me, pull me out of my shell, and encourage me to feed my imagination –  sounds like the perfect friend. She’s so lovably quirky and earnest, and I think she’d just be a great person to go through life with. Anne of Green Gables is one of those stories that resonates with us because none of us really feel like we belong all the time, so to read about a girl who actually doesn’t belong win everyone over gives us hope.


Some of you might argue that the TARDIS is a space ship, not a character, but you would be wrong. The TARDIS is definitely a character, and not just because she was a person in an episode of Doctor Who – she’s always been an important character within the show. As for why I’d want her in my life, the TARDIS takes away everything I hate about traveling: the time it takes, the uncertainty of travel, the leaving-the-house (if your transportation is your house, you’re set for life!). She knows where/when it is you truly need to be, even if you don’t realize it, and she can take you literally anywhere and anytime. Notice I didn’t choose The Doctor – that’s because as much as I love the character, actually living with him would be a crazy, stressful,  heartbreaking nightmare. Nobody needs that, haha.


Samwise Gamgee 
Sam is an obvious choice for best friend in fiction – he is loyal, incorruptible, strong, discerning, etc. He’s also the king of pep talks – how many of us could use a friend who knows exactly what to say and doesn’t give up on us in our darkest moments? He’s also a gardener, so I’d mooch off of his food supply for life 😉

Which 3 characters would you choose bring to life and befriend? 

22 thoughts on “3 Fictional Characters I’d Like to Befriend

  1. I’ve never seen Doctor Who, but I have a friend who’s a fan, and the way you describe the TARDIS makes me want to watch a few episodes. So cool to see Samwise and Anne on your list! I’ve often wanted to befriend a fictional character, but I would never have attempted to narrow it down to a top three. Then again, I’ve never approached it like you just did: “Who would both fit into my life and make it better for knowing them?” That’s an interesting perspective! I’ll be thinking about that today…


  2. I’d like to befrend Bucky Barnes (cuz that kid needs a HUG), Alexander Hamilton (both of us would talk non-stop *wink*), and Cath from “Fangirl” (we have so much in common, it’s nuts).

    Also, have you heard of the Green Gables Fables webseries? The beginning isn’t great, but it gets SO much better. It’s currently in Season 2, and the climax that happened earlier this week made the fandom (myself included) go NUTS. You should totally watch it if you’re still feeling bad. (Sooooo sorry about that! I have a chronic illness, too, so I know the feeling!) Here’s the link to the first episode: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PDOhS23KyCM

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    • Eowyn, I’m so happy to hear the series gets better. I stumbled on it ages ago but couldn’t really get into it – which was a huge surprise because I love all things to do with Anne! I’ll have to give it another try and persevere this time 🙂


      • I couldn’t get into it when it first started, either. I ended up watching three or four episodes in a row after like three friends recommended it (and then I was hooked!). It really does get a *whole* lot better. 🙂


  3. Anne for sure.
    Jane Bennet from Pride and Prejudice – Very kind.
    Charlotte from Charlotte’s Web – Encouraging/brutally honest.

    That was fun! Thanks!


  4. Anne Shirley (I mean Blythe!) is definitely at the top of my list – I love her character so much and I have read and re-read the series so many times. I also love some of Louisa M. Alcott’s books, so the other characters I would like to befriend are Polly, from An Old-Fashioned Girl (read it, just read it!), and Anne Elliot from Persuasion. I think I was born in the wrong era 🙂


  5. I’ve always thought the same thing about Anne for the same reasons! I’m also bad at making friends, but I always though it was because I lived in the same place my whole life and I didn’t have to make new friends til I got to college.
    I’m an inconvenient mixture of shy and extroverted so Anne seemed like the perfect fit.


  6. “Growing up, my family moved a lot, so I never had many friends, and I often feel like I missed out on learning how to make friends.” <– THIS IS MY LIFE lol. Love your list. I want to be friends with Anne, too!


  7. Rapunzal from Tangled.
    She’s super perky and super fun. Plus, I really like her honesty. I think we’d be great friends and could go on some crazy adventures.

    Ron Stoppable from Kim Possible.
    He’s just your average Joe who loves tacos, videogames, and enjoying the nerd life. Not to mention he’s always got his friends’ back when they’re in a bind. We’d get along great.

    Night Crawler from the X-men.
    He would be super interesting to talk to and could teleport us anywhere we wanted to go. Also, since he’s a super hero, it’d be like having my own personal body guard. Who’s gonna mess with you when you have a blue, world saving mutant on your side?


  8. Annabeth from the Heroes of Olympus series. She’s a total badass, fiercely independent and loyal, plus super smart so she’d be my go-to girl when I want help fixing my laptop. I could also ask her to teach me martial arts and swordplay.

    Prince Kheldar aka Silk from the Belgariad. He’s quick, he’s funny, he’ll
    make a ton of money either with you or from you, depending on how much leeway you give him, but he’s loyal
    when the chips are down is always ready with his witticisms when you need cheering up.

    And I know it’s a cliché but…Harry Potter. Book Harry not movie Harry, just to clarify. Book Harry is a deep thinker and more sarcastic and occasionally doofus-like than the movie portrays him. The Boy Who Lived is a great pal to his besties and goes the distance with them.


  9. Only 3!!!??? Oh gosh. Do my own characters count? 🙂

    Definitely Jo March. We’re so alike!

    Anne Shirley. She would be one of those awesome people I didn’t have to try and be friends with, it would just sort of happen.

    Emily Starr (Emily of New Moon.) She’s a writer too, and she would just fit in perfectly.

    Honorable mentions include Capitola Black, Annabeth Chase, Finnick Odair, Eames, Doon Harrow, Polly Milton, Laura Ingalls, Rey, Mina Harker, John Clark Art Blastside and Liesel Meminger. I really do read too much.
    And I have a weird feeling I would be friends with Kylo Ren. But anyway.

    Also, props to LMM for creating two of my favorite characters/best friends!

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  10. I would also choose Anne. I’ve always loved her character.
    I would also like to be friends with Jo March from Little Women and Elizabeth Bennet from Pride and Prejudice. I can only imagine that wonderful witty conversations we would have together 🙂 They are strong and passionate young women and I think we’d all inspire each other to become better people (I mean, look at all the character growth they experience) and that’s something I could use in my life as I tend to become complacent easily.


  11. Once you get to thinking about it, I’m sure there’s many more than just three people. I definitely relate with you about Anne!


    • Oh, I had no problem coming up with characters I’d like to befriend – there are DOZENS of great amazing fictional characters I’d like as friends. The difficulty was narrowing it down to ONLY 3, for my Three Things Thursday post 🙂

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  12. 1. Josiah Hutchinson from the American Heritage Series…he was adorable, sweet, misunderstood, brave: I’m going to name my son after him some day so.

    2. Aravis from The Horse and His Boy (narnia)…easily the best female character in the series. What a strong and passionate personality. Love her!

    3. Gale from the Hunger Games (books)…if Katniss doesn’t want him, I’ll be his friend! Lol


  13. I love your choice of Sam. I have spent most of my life feeling that I could almost be him, but unlike him, my hope and supply of encouragement do have limits. He would be a good friend whenever I reach those limits.


  14. These are very amazing choices. I would never have thought to think up the TARDIS as a response. She definitely takes you where you need to go for sure. Sam is sweet. aw. good friend.

    I had a very hard time making friends growing up. . .still do. I agree very much with Anne Shirley. She has a way of reaching out to others and is loyal to them and will go out on a limb to help them any way she can. I never had a friend like that. I was always the one who did the reaching out. I always related a lot to her (troublesome at times but kind). It would be fun to have a friend like her. I like the adult she became in the books too (and love her daughter Rilla).

    Mary-Ellen Walton from The Waltons (a 70s TV show). I know it sounds strange, but she was a Tom Boy who liked to walk around barefoot and would help out with her siblings a lot. She also got married young and lived out her dream to become a female doctor even though in the Great Depression women doctors weren’t really a thing. I like that she did not change who she was despite people looking down on her. She was a real woman in real life but the show of course fictionalized her a bit and such.

    Other than that, Usagi/Sailor Moon. Another one I relate to a lot, but she somehow makes friends easily and is there for them when they go through hard times so much so that she’d die for them (not that I’d want someone to die for me outside of Jesus who already did). She loves deeply and her friends don’t give up on her regardless of how much of a clutz she is or how she may not be good in school. . .


  15. All three of these are awesome! I especially agree with Samwise Gamgee. Lord of the Rings is my favorite fantasy story of them all; it’s so filled with allegories about Christianity and how we should live our lives.
    Hm…to narrow it down to three is going to be hard. Samwise Gamgee is definitely top of the list (for obvious reasons). I would also befriend Peggy Carter, and Holly Short.
    I would have included Frodo in my list, except that the friendship would be rather…different…


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