Multiple Skills for This Saturday

Today, I exercised my housewife skills and tidied up the house a bit. I can’t tell you how awesome it is to have enough energy to clean the toilet. I hate cleaning the toilet, but today I was glad for the energy and ability to clean it.

We also shot Monday’s video this afternoon – tentatively titled “Never Question Your Beliefs” – and I practiced my reacting skills (I always say that I’m not an actor, I’m a reactor, because come on, “acting”? that’s a stretch). I haven’t been in a Messy Monday video since before my flare up, so I’m glad to make my return!

Dinner required my best throw-everything-into-a-pot-and-hope-it-works skills. I had no idea what I was making when I started, but what I ended up with turned out pretty great! I ended up with quinoa pasta with onions, peas, & meatballs, and a side of roasted asparagus. It didn’t look great, because the peas & the spices I used turned the meatballs a weird greenish-grey color, but it sure tasted great!

At this very moment, Jordan is splicing the footage, Josh is putting together a Movie Trailer Trash video, and I’m blogging. We’re sitting in separate rooms, working on separate projects, but we’re talking to each other and reacting to the audio from the Messy shoot occasionally – it’s nice! We’re about to go record a Patreon-only podcast, so I guess that’s it for this blog post. See y’all tomorrow!

One thought on “Multiple Skills for This Saturday

  1. You are right. You are an ACTRESS! 🙂 Whether you believe it or not, you ARE an actress, in my humble opinion! 🙂 -Kim 🙂


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