Currently (or: feeling better, but feeling sad)

I wrote the outline for this post this morning, but didn’t get a chance to finish it up until now. My emotional state has changed quite a bit since then, but I don’t feel like writing about that tonight. I’ll leave it at this: there are many sad and terrible things in the world, and tonight I feel that more heavily than usual. Please pray for my extended family and also the family of a close friend.

Currently, I’m..

Feeling.. so much better than I was! I haven’t experienced much pain in a couple of days, and my energy is at a much more manageable level. I’m really happy to report that I consider this flare-up over. Finally.

Eating.. my diet this week has consisted mainly of avocados, sauerkraut, coconut kefir, almond butter banana smoothies, mashed potatoes, and roasted chicken. Dinner tonight was quite the treat, though, curtesy of my sweet Mother-in-Law: a BLT sandwich specially health’d up just for me! Almond bread, turkey bacon, lettuce, and tomato, with sweet potatoes and some kimchi she bought for me on the side. It was delicious!

Training.. ourselves to be consistent with Lulu. She’s still stubborn since we got her back on Monday (she will probably always be a little stubborn), but today I feel really good about how things are going. I took her for a walk by myself this afternoon and we worked on slack leash walking, sit/staying and down/staying, and not freaking out when the mailman drives by. She did so well – I was very encouraged. Training her (and training myself how to act with her) really helps my confidence about being around her after the multiple aggressive incidents. I still feel nervous that she might snap again eventually, but I’m optimistic that the work we’re doing will prevent that from happening.

Thankful for.. our dog-training friend Abigail, having more energy, my mom-in-law’s help & encouragement as I’m pursuing this healing diet and lifestyle, sauerkraut, philosophical conversations while driving with my husband, libraries, dry shampoo, coconut kefir, and (most of all) grandparents.

What are you feeling, eating, training, and/or thankful for this week?

2 thoughts on “Currently (or: feeling better, but feeling sad)

  1. l will pray for the people you mentioned today. Also, I wanted to say that your mother-in-law is really great.

    I’m trying hard to work on my diet. I’m eating kale and other healthy smoothies. I wrote a song, which I have never done, and it helped to get my feelings on paper. Lately I’m especially thankful for forgiveness and hope.

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