Q&A pt 2: Pop Culture Questions

A couple of weekends ago, I put out a call on Twitter and Facebook for questions so I could do a Q&A post. I got so many more than I expected! There were more than 50! I’d like to get to all of them eventually, but I decided to break it up and group similar questions together. So this is part 2 of 3: All the “pop culture” questions. Click here for part 1, and we’ll round out the series with the personal questions next weekend.

Favorite Hamilton song(s)? -Lilian
It’s so hard to choose, because the entire musical is amazing, but the two that I always come back to are “Wait For It” and “Satisfied.”

Favorite song on Jordan’s album Long Drive? 😛 – Halley
I know you’re making a joke since I sang on “Separation”, but the truth is that I’ve loved that song since it was just instrumental, so it was truly an honor that I got to be on that track!

What fantasy/mythological creature would you have as a pet? – Anne
I think it would be awesome to just have regular pets that could talk! But also, a dragon.

What’s you’re favorite song at the moment? – Bella
Right now, I’m really digging Among Savages’ entire CD, Wanderings of an Illustrative Mind.

Do you have any book recommendations? – Becky
The Princess Bride by William Goldman, The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak, Me Before You by Jojo Moyes, It’s Not What You Think by Jefferson Bethke

Hogwarts sortings of Doctor Who and/or Hamilton characters? -J.G.
Yeahh… I’m gonna leave that to Buzzfeed and Tumblr. I don’t even know where I’d begin! (P.S. I knew Rory was my favorite for a reason)

Favorite TV shows on Netflix lately? -Amanda
I’ve been watching Murder She Wrote (a cheesy murder/mystery show from the 90’s), The Paradise (a period drama), and Fixer Upper (a heartwarming reality/remodeling show).

What’s your favorite type of YouTube comment? – Emlet’s Meow
The thoughtful and kind-hearted kind.

Do you like poetry? Do you have any favorites? -Juana
I do enjoy poetry, but nothing beyond a very casual appreciation of it. I don’t have any favorites. Y’all, send me suggestions!

If you could have any two superpowers, what powers would you have? -Nia
Easy. Healing and teleportation!

Do you like the band Twenty One Pilots? -Sav
Yeah! Man, you twenty one pilots fans are serious about your evangelizing. Every time I’ve done a Q&A someone has asked me about this. I think their music is great.

If you were the next Doctor Who, who would you pick as your companion? -Peter
Am I allowed to pick my husband? Because I would want to travel all of time and space with him! But if I have to choose one of the companions within the show, I’d choose Rory (us hufflepuffs gotta stick together!) and if Rory’s coming, Amy’s gotta come too; and if Amy and Rory are coming, I’m sure I’d get to meet River at some point! Haha.

Have you ever watched classic Doctor Who? Which doctor is your favorite? -Victoria
I’ve only seen a few episodes of classic Who, but I couldn’t get into it! I know, it’s shameful. One of these days I will give it another chance. My favorite Doctor is Eleven.

Who’s your favorite doctor and why? -Steph
Eleven, because he’s complex and goofy, and I love Matt Smith’s clumsy way of moving around.

And there you have it! All my pop-culture opinions in one place (at least, the ones you guys asked me about, haha).

Q&A Part 1:Favorites

5 thoughts on “Q&A pt 2: Pop Culture Questions

  1. I’m going to have to commit to reading THE BOOK THIEF! We have it on the shelf, I just need to get started.

    Amy Carmichael’s poems are great. They are compiled in a book called MOUNTAIN BREEZES.

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  2. For the record, the Third Doctor is the best of the classic ones. Depending on whether you consider Eight classic. I’m never sure how to classify him since his only on-screen stories are the TV movie and Night of the Doctor, but he’s still going strong with the Big Finish audios.

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  3. That is okay that you haven’t been able to try to get into classic Doctor Who. I can see how it would be difficult to do honestly. My dad started watching the show when it started up so he kinda made us watch it (basically we had no choice because he lived in front of the TV). My brothers and I became obsessed early on (me, in the late 80s when I was old enough to not be scared anymore by it). My first episode that I remember was of the 3rd Doctor Jon Pertwee. . .he was during the psychadelic era but I enjoyed him a lot and consider him my third favorite doctor after the 4th doctor Tom Baker and the 7th doctor Sylvester McCoy (he was in the new Hobbit movies – which made me so happy) who was out when I started to get into it until it cancelled in 1989 (before going back up for the terrible movie in 96 or whatever it was and then the re-show start in ’05 that I was thrilled about). It was horrific for me to be so into Doctor Who and only my math teacher knowing what it was (while getting mocked for liking it). :: cries :: but it was fun. I actually stopped watching the series during Amy Pond’s run. . . .I hated how she treated Rory. . I saw a few of the episodes with them married though and such, but really I just don’t know. . .Some of the Clara eps were okay . . .

    Anyway thanks for answering my question and I’m sorry I nerd out. My brother and husband have a Doctor Who Podcast that they do when new episodes come out and they bring some theology into it at times as well as find things from classic who that are added at times, while making sure to enjoy the newness. It is called Who’s On podcast if you ever want to listen to it (they are on itunes for free pretty sure).

    I so agree about teleportation. Most of my friends live in other states now. I’d love to jump to Maine, Kentucky, Chicago, IL, and parts of PA to visit them!


  4. Poetry suggestions: “The Wheelbarrow” by Williams, “Out of the Cradle Endlessly Rocking” by Walt Whitman, “No Coward Soul is Mine” by Emily Brontë, “Old Home Calls” by L.M. Montgomery, and “The Treasure” by Rupert Brooke. 🙂


  5. Yay, Eleven is my favorite as well! I love the combo of Eleven/Amy/Rory. I watched a few of the classic Who when it was on Netflix but……yeah. I prefer the new one lol

    My go-to favorite poem is Tennyson’s Bugle Song 🙂
    I also like The Solitary Reaper by William Wordsworth.
    And John Donne’s Batter My Heart, Three-Person’d God


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