From Wanting To to Doing

Last week’s goals:

1. Keep eating healing foods: A
I’m doing it! Y’all, I slipped one time this week and I ate a handful of Doritos. But I was immediately threw the bag away instead of what I would’ve done in the past, which was: feel guilty for slipping, think “oh well, I’ll start over tomorrow”, and just keep eating them. So I’m happy with that improvement. The rest of the week I ate superfoods, whole foods, probiotic-rich foods, and healing foods.. and I feel great.

2. Training with Lulu: A
This is going well! My confidence has improved by leaps and bounds since last Monday. Lulu’s stubbornness is more subtle and less regular than it was before her stay with Abigail, and I now know better how to deal with it when those stubborn behaviors crop up. I can’t say enough about Abigail’s skills as a dog trainer. If you’re in the Nashville area and you need any training for your pup, get in touch with her and she’ll do magic for you.

3. Go outside for ~15 minutes every day: C
I went outside to get some vitamin D every other day. While that isn’t what my goal was, I’m still proud of myself for making myself do it when I didn’t want to.

This week’s goals are all continuations of things I started last week:

1. Keep up last week’s momentum
Going outside more often, working with Lulu, and eating healing foods are all things I want to incorporate into my daily life going forward.

2. Yoga
That’s right, I’m actually making one of my “want-to-want-tos” happen! I took commenter Hannah’s advice and looked up Yoga With Adriene on YouTube and have done the Complete Beginner’s Yoga sequence twice in the last three days. I can’t hold every pose as long as I’m asked to yet -my shoulders are weak from previous injuries and my legs are inflexible from years of no exercise – but I like the way that just trying makes me feel. I’ve felt more relaxed (and, weirdly, taller?) after doing the exercises. Y’all know how much I hate exercising, so this is kind of a miracle. I’m planning to follow this beginner’s yoga video every day for a week and see what happens! Maybe I’ll grow an inch or two 😉

3. Keep the house tidy
It’s so easy to let things get cluttered until one day, we look around and it’s so bad that we can barely think. We reached that moment this week, so Josh (and I, but mostly Josh haha) made a day of cleaning up the whole house. His work inspired me to keep things tidy ever since, and I’ve started actually making the bed in the morning, keeping the dining room table free of clutter, and being more intentional about not letting dishes pile up in various parts of the house. I bought a little shoe shelf for our entryway, and a fruit basket tower for our kitchen counter. So I’ve already made some steps toward keeping the house consistently tidy, and I’d like to keep that up!

5 thoughts on “From Wanting To to Doing

  1. I’m so glad you’re feeling better!!! I just recently started trying yoga, too, and I LOVE the way it makes me feel afterwards. I still have trouble with all of the poses and feel like I have zero flexibility, but I’m hoping that improves as I continue. Good job for trying something new! 🙂

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  2. I’m so glad you’ve been feeling better, and glad you like the Yoga videos! They are honestly the most calming and joyful moments of any day… I wish I was as good keeping up with them as you are! Keep up the good work! 🙂


  3. Kelli, have you ever tried the Autoimmune Protocol diet? I’m on it right now, because I have constant chronic daily headaches, and we’re trying to find the cause behind them; it’s supposed to help autoimmune diseases–including Crohn’s. I haven’t been on it too long, and it hasn’t seemed to help me as of yet, but then we don’t know if my CDH really is autoimmune or not–so I’m plugging on.
    But I know a lot of people who have had a lot of help from it; there’s an ‘AIP support group’ on Facebook that has a lot of info about the diet, and the different diseases with the diet. Hearing you talk about eating healthier, I just wondered if you’d ever tried that. It’s a tough diet (it’s similar to paleo, except even more restrictive), but I think it’s worth it (and this coming from a girl who was a professional baker/cook and scoffed at paleo and, well, diets in general for years).
    Anyway, realizing how many different autoimmune diseases there are it helps, and seeing Crohn’s in the lineup, it made me think of you. Good luck with everything!


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