Lulu and Salad and The End

I took several pictures this week that I liked. I’ve already shared most of them online, but here they are all in one place:

Y’all, I’m considering dropping photo Friday from the weekly line up. I’ve been posting less on Instagram because of it, but I miss ‘gramming regularly. I think I’d rather just share photos on instagram and the blog whenever I like them instead of waiting until Fridays! I have a couple of new category ideas that I’m toying with, but if y’all have any ideas for Friday replacements, I’d welcome the suggestions.

5 thoughts on “Lulu and Salad and The End

  1. Fangirl Friday, perhaps? You could write about something you’ve recently become a fan of, or something specific you like about Star Wars or Doctor Who or whatever else. Just throwing that out there 🙂

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  2. How about on Fridays you share creative things people have made/shared with you that you enjoyed. Like the one when you shared Jordan’s phone video, but something new every week


  3. How about gratefulness? Like, some positive things that happened during the week that you’re thankful for. (Definitely not saying that you’re not grateful or positive haha, just an idea I’ve been trying to implement myself)

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