Grain Free Walnut Bread + Homemade Coconut Butter

This week I baked a loaf of grain-free walnut bread, using Nutrition Stripped’s recipe. It’s delicious and really simple.

I’ll toast the bread lightly to warm it up, and these are my favorite toppings:
– almond butter & cocoa nibs
– a hot sliced boiled egg & plenty of himalayan salt
– avocado & goat cheese
– dill pickle sauerkraut
– homemade coconut butter


I also learned how to make my own coconut butter using this recipe from Vegan Family Recipes (heads up, though – it definitely took more than 10 minutes. It took me closer to 45 minutes, and it wasn’t even as smooth as I wanted by then but I was getting impatient!) It’s really yummy – next time I may add vanilla bean or lemon zest for variety’s sake.. and I’ll definitely be more patient so I’ll get as smooth a consistency as possible.


(It made more coconut butter than this – this is just a 4 oz jar I packaged up as a gift)

It’s fun learning how to make these simple items at home, and it makes my life easier throughout the week to be able to throw together a quick snack whenever I need. Last night, I went to a birthday party and brought along a couple of slices of this bread – one topped with almond butter and the other with coconut butter – as my own “dessert” and it was very helpful. I wasn’t tempted by the cake at all! Ok.. maybe a little. It was Aunt Linda’s mock chocolate eclair, after all. But that just makes my that more proud of myself for resisting the temptation!

If you try either of these recipes on my suggestion, please let me know how you like them!


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