Yay, Me!

Last week’s goals:

1. Keep up last week’s momentum: A+
I went outside for at least 15 minutes every day, worked with Lulu 5 of the 7 days, and ate healing foods all week. Yay, me!

2. Yoga: A+
I did about 20 minutes of yoga every day this week (and a litte more one day because I wasn’t ready to stop yet). I can hardly believe the person I’m turning into, but I like her.

3. Keep the house Tidy: A-
I made the bed every day, kept the bedroom floor and dining room table clear, and mostly kept up with dishes all week. Living in a tidy house is less stressful than a cluttered one, and I can’t overstate how grateful I am for the energy and ability to pitch in again. 

This week’s goals are more of the same:

1. Keep it up
Go outside, work with Lulu, eat healing foods, and keep the house tidy.

2. Yoga
I want to keep doing yoga every day, and maybe even work up from 20 minutes to 30 or 40 minutes.. but I’m not going to hold myself to that if it doesn’t feel right. Just doing it for a little bit each day is the goal here.

3. Curb Appeal
The bushes in our front yard are completely out of control. I want to get some hedge clippers and trim them to a more manageable size this week.

4 thoughts on “Yay, Me!

  1. Kelli, I love hearing about your goals. I am so happy that you were able to meet them this past week, I know that feels amazing! I absolutely loved your quote, “I can hardly believe the person I’m turning into, but I like her.” I feel the same way about my current journey with running. I made it my goal to run a 10k in 2016, and I did that a few weeks ago! I wasn’t fast and I never felt like I could be a “real” runner, but, like you, I consider just DOING my workouts a victory.

    Thanks for reminding me with your blog to be kind to myself and enjoy the journey. Your posts are so sweet!

    – Heather (Avid Blimeycow viewer and college student who appreciates your encouraging online presence an awful lot.)


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