Friday Favorites: IKEA Engagement Photos, Sunburn Relief, and Dealing With Haters

I procrastinated today and also kind of forgot to save links throughout the week for this, my second-ever Friday Favorites post (whoops).. but here are some cool things that I came across yesterday and today:

• These adorable and fun IKEA engagement photos from Savannah Lauren Photography. I’m twitter-friends with the photographer, and I can’t believe I kind of know someone so talented. Now I’m just waiting for Buzzfeed to feature it and for the photoshoot to go viral. Seriously, how cute are they?? Go see the rest!

• This Humans of New York post about how a pediatric surgeon deals with losing patients made me cry. I love HONY because the photos & stories are such a moving peek into worlds I’d otherwise have no idea about. It’s a really cool project.

• I lost track of time reading a book outside today in my quest for vitamin D and am now paying the price with an uneven, yet painful, sunburn (see photo below). This Overnight Sunburn Remedy from Butter Believer has already provided so much relief, and it hasn’t even been “overnight” yet! img_7625

• This tumblr answer from Maggie Stiefvater about dealing with criticism about something you’ve created (the advice is within the context of an author getting harsh reviews, but it applies to all creative endeavors, I think).

On a similar note, “How To Shake Off Your Online Haters” from Melyssa Griffin was really encouraging to me.

 I revisited the song “Look On Up” by Relient K today because I’m not doing great with this week’s goal and needed some inspiration. This song is so GOOD! 

What’s the best thing you came across this week?

Happy weekend, friends!

6 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: IKEA Engagement Photos, Sunburn Relief, and Dealing With Haters

  1. One of the best things that happened this week for me was going through the Starbucks drive through and after placing my order, the barista jokingly told me that they were out of ice. Not even thinking I threw my head back and exclaimed, “oh…no…” She started cracking up and told me she was just kidding. We had a good laugh once I pulled around. Before I left, I heard one of the other baristas tell her coworker they should tell the next customer they were out of cups.

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  2. Kelli, Please UNSUBSCRIBE me from this blog so I don’t get any more e-mail notifications with regard to your posts on here ever again.


  3. These engagement photos were so funny and you can tell they had a great time. Also in looking at that page I got curious and went to listen to the couple’s music.

    Sad you got a comment from someone who doesn’t know how to unsubscribe peacefully and quietly from emails, after you posted about “haters” in this post in itself too, and how to deal with them.

    I am really excited about the new Relient K album. I don’t pay attention to release dates so I’ll just assume any of you great Taylors will talk about it so I’ll know. It is crazy to think I’ve been listening to them since their first album came out (makes me feel old now, while I am two and a half years younger than Matt Thiessen). Anyway I agree that the “Look on Up” song is so lovely!

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  4. The photos are great! I’m not always creative when it comes to taking pictures, so this is good inspiration.

    The best thing I came across this week, (hesitation), was an instrumental CD from the 70s. Kind of fun. What can I say? I was raised by grandparents.


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